8 Sneaker Designs Inspired By Video Games


Shortly after Adidas has unveiled their Cyberpunk 2077 shoes, some fans were rather unimpressed by the sneaker designs they came up with. While gaming merch and apparel are always appreciated, a good design clearly makes it actually buy-worthy. Doesn’t a franchise like Cyberpunk deserve a little more than that?

To some, sneakers are just comfy shoes to wear all the time until they fall apart, but to others, sneakers are near-holy artifacts that need to be preserved and indulged in. And that’s perfectly fine too. Everybody should have a hobby and collecting things is just as good as any other pastime. They hunt for the rarest and newest designs not only from the major brands but also from newcomers and look out for what their favorite sports stars are wearing and promoting.

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Gamers and geeks, I include myself as well in this category proudly, also have a tendency sometimes to collect and worship franchises. Still, the problem with digital media is that you can simply not touch a video game and put it on display to enjoy. Certainly, you can buy physical copies and put those somewhere, but others might agree that merch in the form of gaming-inspired clothing or figures related to games might be even more fun.

The design team at Supplement Timing and NeoMam Studios were fueled by this emotion as well. They created eight nifty sneaker designs inspired by some of the most popular gaming franchises ever. As per their information, the designs shown below have been created by using “a mix of photo manipulation and digital painting to create completely different footwear silhouettes set in game-inspired environments.” What do you think? Any better than the Adidas Cyberpunk 2077 sneaker?

Eight game-inspired sneaker designs to behold

Zelda Inspired Gaming Sneaker Design
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘ sneaker concept (Image: Supplement Timing)
Warcraft Inspired Gaming Sneaker Design
World of Warcraft‘ sneaker concept (Image: Supplement Timing)
Resident Evil Inspired Gaming Sneaker Design
‘Resident Evil Village’ sneaker concept (Image: Supplement Timing)
Portal Inspired Gaming Sneaker Design
‘Portal’ sneaker concept (Image: Supplement Timing)
Journey Inspired Gaming Sneaker Design
‘Journey’ sneaker concept (Image: Supplement Timing)
God Of War Inspired Gaming Sneaker Design
God of War‘ sneaker concept (Image: Supplement Timing)
BioShock Infinite Brings You Steampunk For Your Shoes
‘BioShock Infinite’ sneaker concept (Image: Supplement Timing)
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Shoes Concept
‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ sneaker concept (Image: Supplement Timing)

If you really wanted to get your hands on Cyberpunk 2077 goodies and merch, you can still check out the official CD PROJEKT RED fan store, and maybe they will even have shoes there in the future. In the meantime, I’m sure you’ll find something else that you might like.

Now, what do you think? Would you pick any of these if they were real? I think I’d just had to get one or two pairs out of those, but unfortunately, they are just concept designs. I hope that this as well inspires some of the shoe manufacturers to increase their efforts whenever they try to monetize a game hype or trend.

If not, we can still just buy plain shoes and buy some other merch, draw fanart, write fanfics, or simply spend some good hours playing your favorite games. Have fun! 🙂

Photo credit: All images shown are owned by Supplement Timing and used with permission.
Source: Dennis Miller (Supplement Timing)
Editorial notice: The shown images are conceptual designs, and the shoes don’t exist.

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