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5 Eerily Cozy Games to Play on a Rainy Day

Are you a fan of horror games? Are you looking for the same vibes but without the jump scares and puzzles? Or maybe you're just like me, who loves eerie atmospheric games that are borderline horror? Here are five games you can dip into.  The Longing In The Longing, you are a servant of a king whose magic is about to run out and needs 400 days to recover, so he creates you. While waiting, you may roam his kingdom however you may like. The most unique thing about this game is that it counts the 400 days in real-time. This also means your character's movements, like reading or walking, are at a realistic, human pace. It's...

WeCreat Vision Seeks to Make Laser Engraving More Accessible

Technology has changed multiple industries, such as the fields of medicine, science, and robotics. Art has also seen this change; in fact, two-thirds of high-paying illustrator-related jobs today are geared toward digital art. One category of art, engraving, is also experiencing this shift. Even if the two art forms were born around the same time, drawing and engraving had very different evolutions due to the tools needed. Since drawing didn't require as much as craftsmanship, it was the easiest means of artistic expression for centuries. However, engraving requires skill, tools, and resources. Apart from that, only rich people could afford finely engraved items like jewelry and weapons. When the technological advancements came, engraving remained rooted in traditional...

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