20 New Gift Ideas for Geeks (Or Just Keep Them)


Are you looking to buy someone a cool geeky gift or looking for yourself? I am guilty of the latter. I always look out for geeky stuff, and today I wanted to share a couple of cool items that I came across.

All items listed have a link to Amazon, where you can purchase them if you like, or just look for more details.

Phantom Keystroker

If you want to up your office prank game by a few levels, the Phantom Keystroker V2 will help you with that. Cause havoc and mischief when the prank victims are trying to find out what evil sorcery is keeping them from doing their work.

“You Shall Not Pass” doormat

One of the most prominent quotes from our beloved Gandalf as it has been copied many times in all kinds of memes. Here’s your own meme as doormat right for your entrance door and it means everything but “Welcome.”

Floppy disk coaster set

No, that’s not the save icon, young ones. That used to be the primary means of storing data in a portable way. The floppy disk retro coaster set is colorful and full of geek goodness. They are labeled with things like “.com Stock Research,” “Screensaver Collection,” “Y2K Update”, and of course “Dancing Baby Video.”

Game Boy styled whiteboard for the fridge

More retro gaming goodness is always good and who wouldn’t remember their Game Boy? The FreezerBoy is a dry-erasable whiteboard set that you can put on your fridge. It doesn’t only look cool, but also helps with your to-do list or family notes.

Retro media shirt

The “Never Forget” shirts remind us of simpler times when we relied on tapes and the likes for our high-tech lifestyle. While the shown shirt in gray looks quite cool, the design is also available in many other colors and sizes.

It’s a black magic spell book? No, it’s a wallet!

Whether you want to hide your valuables or just sport some black magic know-how, this special wallet might be the right one for you. And if it’s empty? You can still try to enchant the merchants. Good luck! 😀

Alien Facehugger plushie

Am I the only one who thinks that the Facehuggers from the Alien movies are kind of cute? I don’t think so! Get your own lifesize Facehugger plushie and cuddle it up until it no longer wants to kill you. Enjoy!  😉

The meh mug for advantaged emotional communication

When you have no more words to describe your emotions you just show off your “Meh” mug. Make people understand you feel quite “meh” about everything and everybody.

Assassin’s Creed bracer with a hidden blade

Ok so while this one looks cool, I just hope it’s just for cosplay use. Please don’t become an assassin and murder people? Fear not – the blade is only made of plastic. This is an official piece of Ubisoft licensed merchandise from their latest installment Assassin’s Creed: Origins.

Legend of Zelda backpack

Geek outside and geek inside. Show your Link love with this beautifully styled Legend of Zelda backpack. This item is available in green as well as brown options, and while I couldn’t test-wear it, at least it looks quite comfy.

Hulk charm bead

I always thought charm jewelry beads are cool because they are somewhat modular and you can wear the things that you like. Now you can also include a piece of your favorite green angry giant with the Hulk charm bead.

Finally a Chun-Li hoodie

Remember the Chinese police officer from the classic beat’em’up game series Street Fighter? She was the first playable female in any fighting game as far as Wikipedia goes and to honor her, you can now wear the Capcom licensed Chun-Li hoodie in her signature outfit style – plus the hair buns of course.

Twinkle twinkle little star

This is a bracelet to feature celestial fireworks as captured by NASA’s Hubble telescope. You can charge this one up via USB, so the LED stars are actually lighting up. This comes with a magnetic hinge, and whether you’re a space geek or not, this is quite awesome I have to say.

Steampunk love watch

Tesla would wear it. Would you? This watch has all the cool things we love about steampunk designs. It has tubes, brass, wind-up keys, and lights. What’s not to love? It’s also a lot more affordable than I ordinally thought. Grab your own steampunk watch now. 😉

Psychedelic splash shirt

This is more than splatters and splashes. It’s a statement. It states that you’re not afraid of breaking conventions. It states that you have the guts to wear anything. No really, this merely is wonderfully weird and lovable at the same time. You ask why? I ask … why not?

What if… you read this?

I still don’t know if I should take Randall Munroe serious or not. I think the works are great, very smart, usually very funny and sometimes pure genius. If you’re familiar with the xkcd.com webcomic and like those stick-figure drawings and comics, you’re likely to also enjoy his book What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions.

Halo Warthog messenger bag

Standard Warthog issue? Standard Halo love! This Halo 4 UNSC Warthog messenger bag fits all kinds of things you need to carry with you, including laptops with a display size of up to 15″ and you don’t even need Cortana for that.

Swimming on Scarif

Can you recall a paradise scenery in any Star Wars movie? I can’t seem to remember any beach vacations to happen. Even though there were beaches on Scarif, I wouldn’t call that a vacation. Anyway… if you’re a proper rebel, you need this rebel style swimsuit from Musterbrand. Also available in an Ahsoka Tano version with a classical Starbird logo as designed by Sabine Wren.

I’m still up at 3 AM. Are you?

Here’s the Up At 3 AM kitty backpack and of course it has LED eyes that light up. Whether you’re up late or running around as soon as it got dark outside, this is certainly a looker.

Back to the Future Flux Capacitor wall charger

What could I possibly tell you to persuade you about this item’s awesomeness? Nothing. I don’t need to. You know you want one. I know you want one. And I want one too.

Your own R2-D2 to hold your stuff

Ok, you know me, there just can’t be a list like this without an R2-D2 item, right? Here’s the hidden gem with the number 21. Here is a lifesize R2-D2 butler replica. It does not drive around and apparently, it is currently not available, but come on, how cool is that? Thanks for clicking through the whole list. You rock! 🙂


Have fun browsing through the list! If you liked it, make sure also to share it with your friends. 🙂

Photo credit: The feature image was taken at the Sayonara Summer Fashion Show by Oliver Ayala.
Editorial notice: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. Without additional cost to you, we might earn a commission, if you decide to purchase something.

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