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AI Use Cases in Customs Compliance: Are We There Yet?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is permeating many areas of commerce, society, and governance. That includes the field of international trade -- arguably one of the few fields where these aspects must seamlessly work together. AI and cross-border trade Experts predict that cross-border trade will reach a volume of several trillion USD by 2031. Today, many countries are dependent on imports and exports, and the free flow of goods and services is a major boost to many economies. However, these huge volumes of trade present a significant challenge to transport and customs authorities around the world. There are attempts to modernize the customs compliance systems to facilitate the process and reduce the administrative burden. The HMRC’s upcoming upgrade of the...

6 Tips for Creating Engaging Instagram Reels to Boost Your Business

About 17.5k companies have spent more than $4.7 billion on advertising, including spending on social media like Instagram. After all, the platform currently has more than 200 million business accounts. According to Hootsuite, the potential ad reach for Instagram Reels stands at over 675 million. But what do these stats mean? Simply put, businesses now view Instagram as a marketing tool and invest in the platform accordingly. With video marketing yielding the best results, marketing professionals have turned to Instagram Reels as the ultimate tool. The best thing about this is that it also means you can now get the same reach for your business as most top brands. Below, you will find some actionable tips...

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