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Cosplayers and Gamers Alike Met up at the Geek Day

On October 7, there was a great event that happened at the SMX Convention Center in Manila, Philippines. This event was organized by the De La Salle University’s one and only radio station, Green Giant FM. Your weekend was definitely not wasted going to Geek Day this year.

Entering Geek Day

When you get to the event center, you’ll be greeted by the very accommodating staff. Entering the function room, it may seem a bit small at first. However, once you roam around, you’ll be surprised how much stuff there is to do.

Geek Day 2017 Manila Philippines Green Giant FM Event Cosplay Cosplayer Anime Manga Female Woman Costume Sporting Hammer Weapon Fun OutfitIt starts off like any other convention with program activities, cosplayers, numerous stalls, and a massive amount of excitement and curiosity starts to tingle around your mind as you walk along the function room.

They found great sponsors

But, this is the surprising thing. For an event organized by a university, the number of sponsors they happened to get is unbelievable. They were giving out so much free stuff, I basically didn’t have to let out a single coin while I was inside the event venue. There was free food, free games to play, free merchandise and more cool stuff. It’s was so surprising that sometimes I had to ask, “Is it really free?”.

It’s so fun to get to talk to other people that are in the same fandom as you. They had a flash mob of Spiderman’s, a chance to teach you the ways of the Jedi’s, a cosplay competition, a lipsync battle among the cosplayers, a panel discussion of Game of Thrones experts, tons of raffles, live band performances, and a lot more.

Highlight video

Check out the video below to see more of what happened during Geek Day. It indeed is a spectacle to see how much geeks will go through for their passion and that was definitely demonstrated through this event. It may be smaller than a usual convention, but the number of people that came to this event was overwhelming even for the organizers. Kudos to you Green Giant FM team for the great event and more to come!

YouTube: Highlights from Geek Day 2017

Photo credit: Ela Denise Buendia for TechAcute (Flickr)
Source: Reporter attended the event.

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