‘God of War’ Has a New Game Plus Mode and It’s Awesome


Already one of the best-reviewed games in recent memory, God of War continues to prove why it’s at the top. Sony Santa Monica now announced that a New Game Plus Mode has been added to the game as well as a wealth of new content.

New Game Plus

Adding in a New Game + isn’t a unique proposition, developers have been doing it as far back as the days of SNES. Fans have asked for it incessantly since the game’s release and its addition to God of War has built up significant hype and with good reason too.

For one thing, starting up a new game with all of the hard-earned gear and abilities from a previous playthrough is always gratifying. But it’s not just being able to take out your early frustrations on The Stranger using upgraded Blades of Chaos or any other boss for that matter. The question changes from “How do I beat this?” to “What’s the most satisfying way to kill this”.

Also, you can play around with difficulty. You aren’t pegged to the difficulty of the previous playthrough, nor are you required to take on a higher one. You could have plodded your way through ‘Give me a Challenge’ dying a lot and decide to absolutely decimate everything by taking on the game in ‘Give me a Story’ with all of your gear from the get-go when starting a New Game Plus run.

New content and more fun


The game features new armor sets that can greatly affect the way you play the game. First is the Cod of War which causes explosions damaging nearby enemies everytime a health or rage stone is picked up.  Another is the Armor of Zeus that tremendously increases Kratos’ attack power but also exponentially increases damage taken.

Older armor sets can also be improved to perfect level rarity by picking up Skap Slag and upgrading Kratos’ and Atreus’ gear at the forge.

New Game Plus also increases the difficulty of the Valkyrie battles by altering their attack patterns. Timed Realm Tears also become accessible and they require that Kratos take on enemies directly without running away.

Quality of life changes


The most recent patch also added in a number quality of life changes. For one, a successful parry will 100% keep Kratos safe. Enchantments can also be easily be transferred from one piece of armor to another. New Game Plus will also allow you to skip cutscenes.

God of War is definitely one of the best games out there and Sony Santa Monica seems determined to make sure fans continue to feel that way. If you never played the game and want to know more you can check out the video below to get a better understanding of it.

YouTube: God of War – Story Trailer | PS4

Photo Credit: The images used in this article are owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment / Sony Santa Monica.

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