Musterbrand: Awesome Fashion for Gamers and Geeks


We have many video game enthusiasts here on TechAcute and whether you’re an active gamer or just casually enjoy a little bit of gaming, I am sure you all love the geek merchandise.

You can find low-quality clothing with video game themes all over the internet but often the designs are really generic. Being on the hunt for a little cooler gaming fashion, I found out about a shop called Musterbrand.

Their clothing and other accessories are not really in the budget pricing area. Maybe not the right thing for a birthday gift of some acquaintance. I’d consider them to be in the lower premium segment supplying the niche of gamer fashion. More suitable for, let’s say, giving a little gift to your sweetheart or maybe you just buy something fancy for yourself.

What makes them different?

They have not only licensed the franchises from the owners to print their logos and characters on the fabric. They went one step further and actually do the whole clothing design to match the feeling and lifestyle of the franchise.

On each kind of gaming franchise, they have shirts, hoodies jackets and sometimes even other types of accessories. The collections are no duplicates to each other and refreshingly well-made. The design is cool, the fabrics are high-quality and the manufacturing is done without shortcomings. Here are some examples of the currently available collections.

Assassin’s Creed




Metal Gear Solidmetal-gear-solid-musterbrand-fashion-collection




Star Warsstar-wars-musterbrand-fashion-collection

The Witcherwitcher-musterbrand-fashion-collection




What about the ladies?

Many geek shops focus merely on the gamer guys but Musterbrand also has a lot of extremely fashionable designs for the gamer girls. They are not your average v-neck versions of the guy-tee either, the items for women are honestly plain cool.


Personally, I went for a Scout Jacket from the Metal Gear Solid collection and a UNSC Protector scarf from the Halo collection. The jacket was somewhat pricey but it keeps you really warm and even after falling on the ground during a hike in last December, the jacket was not damaged. The scarf, on the other hand, was a little too large for me. The Musterbrand team was easy to talk too though and they offered a stress-free refund.

I don’t know how independent and authentic their reviews are but they have mostly 4+ stars and positive comments on their own shopping page. Judging from the products I own, these are most likely genuine opinions of actual buyers. They didn’t feel fake or sponsored to me. Musterbrand is also having frequent updates to their collections and I really enjoyed their newsletter introducing all new goods. If you’re a gamer or if you’re looking for a gift in this area this might be a really good opportunity for a nice buy. Check them out for yourself!

YouTube: Musterbrand Star Wars Sith Lord

Photo credit: Musterbrand

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Christopher Isak
Christopher Isak
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