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TiBeast Is an Interactive and Customizable Robot

People like robots, or at the very least are interested in what they can do for them. Why do something yourself when you can have a robot do it for you, right? But have you ever wanted a little robot buddy of your own?

While a pet robot does look cute and enticing to have, most aren’t necessarily customizable. Many companies have taken up the opportunity to fill in that market, including Celestial Robotics that has also taken a jab at this with TiBeast.

Image: Celestial Robotics

Control and customize

TiBeast is a walking robot that you can fully customize, from its physical appearance to its controls. Thanks to Cradle Studio, Celestial Robotics’ in-house software, the robot comes with certain features that ultimately support STEM education for users, like having a wide range of controller support and real-time communication.

Speaking of controller support, the TiBeast can be controlled with a variety of things that you probably have already, such as PS4/PS5 or Xbox controllers, PC-compatible joysticks, or even your own phone. Apart from it being an educational tool, this flexibility also allows users to have fun with the robot. It also comes with an integrated Bluetooth speaker and camera, just in case you want the robot to play audio files or look around without having to leave your seat.

Gif: Celestial Robotics via TechAcute

But more than that, Celestial Robotics provides software with a real-time synced 3D version of TiBeast to make it easier to better understand the robot’s movement and features. It also has a semi-open source code, allowing users to really customize its movements however way they want.

As mentioned, the TiBeast is also customizable with screw holes if you want to attach something like a GoPro to it. Celestial Robots also offers a bunch of accessories to mount onto the robot, like a 7-inch multi-touch display. It also has a LEGO-compatible body so you can break out your old LEGO set and design the robot however way you want it to. The only limitation is your imagination and its payload capacity of 1.5 kilograms.

Image: Celestial Robotics

Finally, the robot comes in three different models: TiBeast Lite, TiBeast, and TiBeast PC. The latter two come with an integrated camera and loudspeaker. The PC version also has an AI system to increase ease of use when controlling the robot.

With its customizable coding and look, the TiBeast integrates fun and learning into a small robotic pet. For now, this has had a successful campaign on Kickstarter. If you’re interested in doing some hands-on STEM learning while having fun, you can still head on to Indiegogo to pre-order, starting at $289.

YouTube: TiBeast: The Powerful 12-DOF Robotic Dog & Walking PC

Photo credit: The images and GIF are owned by Celestial Robotics and have been provided for press usage.
Sources: Kickstarter / Indiegogo

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