10 Clips from the GoPro HERO6: Eye Candy in 4K, 60FPS


Are you currently looking for an action camera that can record in true 4K with a framerate of 60 FPS? There aren’t that many on the market and the latest GoPro HERO6 Black seems to be a solid choice if you don’t want long experiments, but does the product live up to its reputation?

Here are some of my favorite clips that have been prepared by various YouTubers around the world. In my selection I wanted to exclude the official GoPro video clips and include only videos that are uploaded in the video format 2160p60 which represents 4K resolution, also known as “UHD”, with 60 frames per second. Enjoy!

GoPro Hero 6 Black – 4K 60fps Footage with Gauges – 6-way Wingsuit (RAW)

Nikko Mamallo recorded this RAW video footage with some really fancy gauges while skydiving in a 6-way wingsuit along with some buddies at the Lake Chelan in the US. Breathtaking!

Słotwiny Arena – GoPro Hero 6 UHD 4K 60fps

Here’s a wonderful chilly snowy video recorded in Słotwiny Arena, Krynica Zdrój, Poland. Watch MrGreguuu while downhill skiing and driving around the area in a car.

A-Line with GoPro Hero 6! – Whistler Bike Park 4K 60fps | Jordan Boostmaster

Mountain bike rider and filmmaker Jordan Boostmaster is testing out his new gear and doing some cool stunts while at it in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park in Whistler, BC, Canada. Sweet, fast-paced action. Ride on and stay safe!

Cartagena Colombia 2018 – GoPro Hero 6 4K 60fps Test

From the Navy to the NSA, Richard truly saw a lot of this world. As he is retired now, we are glad that he is able and willing to share wonderful scenes from his travels and even offers people to use his footage royalty-free. Enjoy Cartagena, Colombia!

Million Dollar View – GoPro Hero6 Black 4k 60fps FPV Drone Footage

Going up in the skies with a drone and watch these beautiful clips from the user RC Haven – WhoopTang as he hovers over an area that appears to be a local pebble beach. Maybe a little bit of a bumpy ride but still nice footage in my books.

Karma Drone Flight over Charlotte, MI GoPro Hero 6 4k 60fps

Finally someone with a GoPro Karma drone! I was excited to find this clip by Joseph Challender who was doing this bird’s eye view video for us in Charlotte, MI, US. Did he manage to do a smooth landing? Watch it here!

GoPro 6 | 4K 60FPS | Feiyu Tech G5 | Raw Test Footage 2

No video footage list can be complete without animals, am I right? Here is YouTuber Ron375 together with a dog, doing a hike on a snowy mountain.

GoPro HERO6 [TEST] 4K 60fps Chin Mount – Motorcycle Ride Through Japanese Countryside CB400SF 車載

Watch amoso1983 as he rides through the Japanese countryside on a Honda CB400SF motorcycle with a mount for the action cam. A lovely view into an area you might have never experienced otherwise.

GOPRO HERO 6 BLACK 4K 60 FPS LIMA PERU. Boca del Lobo Chorrillos.

Even though this might be a little shaky, I still thought that the video below did a good job of demonstrating the camera’s capabilities. Enjoy the view at Boca del Lobo Chorrillos, Lima, Peru, recorded by user Surperuano Aquino.

4K HDR 60fps Las Vegas, Cosmopolitan Hotel

The last video in this list brings us to the bedazzling lights of the city of Las Vegas, NV, US. In this clip, Moses King recorded footage from the exteriors and the interiors of the Cosmopolitan Hotel, using a GoPro Karma Grip stabilizer to better control the camera. What do you think about this one?


Liked what you watched? Make sure to visit these great YouTubers and give them a thumbs-up on their work. If you liked this compilation as a whole, I’d be thrilled if you’d shared this post in your social networks as well. Thanks for reading and watching!

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Photo credit: The feature image was taken by Patrick Evenson.
Editorial notice: The feature image is not directly related to any of the featured videos and serves only as a representational graphic.

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