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Learn About Robotics with the New XGO-Mini

Robotics are the future of the world. With every major advancement in the technological field, it becomes more apparent just how important robotics will be in the future. People will likely depend on robots for both mundane and essential tasks, and it’s already happening now.

However, just like everything else, perfection usually takes many small steps. Therefore, it is important for people to learn about robotics from its basics. Many companies have realized the need and desire for people to learn about robotics. With creations like the TiBeast, learning robotics is definitely becoming more accessible. Luwu Intelligence Technologies have released their own little robot buddy called the XGO-Mini.

Image: Luwu Intelligence Technology

So much functionality

The XGO-Mini is a quadruped robot with omnidirectional movement capabilities. It is a relatively small desktop-sized robot that, upon first glance, looks like a miniaturized version of Boston Dynamics’ Spot.

Similar to the TiBeast, the XGO-Mini has 12 degrees of rotational movement, allowing for it to be a small, versatile robot capable of various different stable postures. It comes with fully functioning AI modules allowing it to perform many entry and advanced level functions with ease.

The XGO-Mini also comes with visual recognition, voice recognition, and gesture recognition capabilities that allow the robot to respond to visual and audio commands almost like a real dog. It can track objects and colors as well as scan QR codes.

So why not create a dog-styled track for it and watch this quadruped robot traverse your course? The possibilities you can do with the XGO-Mini make it a really good tool for learning basic robotics.

Image: Luwu Intelligence Technology


The XGO-Mini can be controlled via various different outlets. It comes with a mobile application that features a plain easy-to-use UI so that new users can feel comfortable with the controls. If you want to get more advanced, the robot can be programmed with Python. It can also be controlled using an integrated screen and buttons on the robot itself.

The XGO-Mini is designed to be used for educational purposes. It has all the essentials one may need to learn about basic robotics and get into this branch of technology. With the many functionalities that this robot has, it will definitely be a fun way to learn about robotics. It is quite a piece of machinery and serves a lot of purposes for its compact size. At the moment, the robot is up for grabs on Kickstarter, starting at $249.

YouTube: XGO-Mini, An Advanced Quadruped Robot With AI Modules

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Sources: Cision / Kickstarter

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