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Crowbits: The Electronic Blocks for STEM Learning

These days, children’s education is more innovative than ever. We have seen technology inspire different companies to come up with interesting solutions to help parents educate their children at home.

As a result, we’ve seen many unique devices, including robots intended to teach children different subjects in a fun way. One of the latest innovations for children is Crowbits, the electronic blocks created by Elecrow that help children improve their STEM skills.

Importance of STEM

Elecrow is a company that focuses on products related to STEM education. For those who don’t know, STEM is an approach to learning the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. According to the company, the STEM approach is now more important than ever, and that is the reason why the company decided to create the Crowbits blocks. That way, the next generation can improve quickly and solve complex topics easily.


Parents who want to interest their children in a fun and educational activity can use Crowbits, which are basically lego blocks that are focused on STEM education. This has more than 80 modules, so children can learn about graphical programming and/or Python programming. Plus, they can create functional gaming consoles, cars, phones, radar systems, and much more without coding. These blocks are also compatible with standard LEGO blocks, which open endless possibilities for creating innovative solutions.

The building blocks of learning

In essence, Crowbits are designed much like LEGO blocks that can magnetically link blocks when you join them together. Also, these include Letscode, a graphical programming software that enables kids to drag and drop elements to create new products.

Crowbits has 5 different kits called Hello, Explorer, Inventor, Creator, and Master. These come with 3 types of levels: Electronics and Engineering, Computer Science, and Master Level. The toys are marketed for children from 3-14 years old to improve their creative skills by solving problems, but of course, an adult can try their hand at it too.


The Crowbits include multiple main controller modules, input, and output modules, as well as more than 70 PBL lessons to learn from. With this, children can start from light coding to fully coding. These blocks are ideal for both newbies and experts to improve their skills in the programming and engineering area.

Currently, Crowbits is at Kickstarter where you can support the project and help in the creation of these innovative lego blocks. The prices for all 5 Crowbits kits are reduced, and you can buy them from $25.90 for the Hello kit to $99.90 for the Master kit.

YouTube: crowbits is on the kickstarter now

Photo credit: The images were taken by Elecrow and have been provided for press usage.

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