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Digital Copy of Worm Brain Controls Lego Robot [Video]

Maybe you never asked yourself if it’s possible to transfer a digital copy of a worm’s brain into the body of a Lego robot and have it be controlled by that “brain,” but it can be done. This was done based on the work of the OpenWorm project, where they mapped the connections of the worm’s 302 neurons and simulated them in software.

The outcome of this work could be transported into a robot, and while not entirely accurate, it still was able to move. Possibly you could say it moved like a worm would move and react. The featured video below was presented by Trace Dominguez for the Seeker YouTube channel.

YouTube: Scientists Put the Brain of a Worm Into a Robot… and It MOVED

Photo credit: The feature image was taken by Susan Mills, Research Associate, WHOI, for DASS Science Party, IFE, URI-IAO, and NOAA.
Editorial notice: The feature image is not directly related to the presented video.

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