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SOURCE Hydropanels Makes Renewable Drinking Water Accessible

The Earth is made up of almost three-quarters of water. Unfortunately, only 3% of this is fresh water and 1.2% drinkable water. With the unequal distribution of this very valuable resource, most communities are having trouble gaining access to safe and drinkable water.

SOURCE‘s mission is to make drinking water an accessible and unlimited source. How is this possible, you may ask? Using solar and wind power, the company came up with a solution for the drinking water scarcity around the world.

SOURCE Hydropanel

Eco-friendly hydropanels

Without the need for electricity or any infrastructure, the company makes use of the unlimited source of sunlight and air to create drinking water. Water vapor is pulled out of the sky, and with the sun’s heat, the system converts water molecules into liquid water.

A built-in air filter sifts and keeps any other particles into the SOURCE Hydropanel. The water is then set with calcium and magnesium, has the taste perfected, and is kept in an integrated sterilization system. This water is supplied through pipes, making it drinkable and accessible to anyone anywhere in the world.

Each Hydropanel makes up for at least 50,000 plastic bottles. When producing SOURCE bottled water, these are done sustainably and not in plastic packaging. So not only are these Hydropanels top class in producing renewable drinking water, but they are also cost-efficient and eco-friendly, resulting in less use and production of plastic bottles.

SOURCE Hydropanel

A standard package consisting of 2 Hydropanels costs between $5,500-$6,500 which includes tax, shipping, and installation already. It connects to any dispenser supporting 80 psi, like your refrigerator, a countertop, or any other free-standing dispenser. It also stores about 30 liters of water which is enough to sustain you for a week. The company also has an app where you could monitor the Hydropanels’ performance like the amount of water produced, its quality, or simply just to monitor if it needs any servicing.

The only downside to it is that whenever SOURCE Hydropanels sense the temperature is at a freezing point, it automatically goes into hibernation mode. But when it becomes warmer and rises above the freezing point, the Hydropanels resumes making water.

SOURCE Hydropanel

Provider of top-quality water

Fast Company listed SOURCE as one of the most innovative companies and is considered this year as a World Changing Idea. This came in as no surprise as they met the Safe Drinking Water Act and FDA standards as a source for bottled water.

For every liter of SOURCE bottled water sold, a liter of clean drinking water is donated to an area in need. If that is not enough, the company also provided safe and renewable drinking water to about 48 countries. These include remote areas in developing countries like South Africa, Fiji, Belize, and the Philippines, just to name a few.

YouTube: SOURCE® Water | The essence of SOURCE

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Sources: Business Wire / EPA

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