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Preventing Solar Power Waste With FlexThor

These days, there are endless reasons to use solar energy. Ther are several companies that have created innovations that revolved around using solar power, and FlexThor one of them.

FlexThor is a startup that specializes in the use and storage of solar power. This is a Belgian-patented technology solution for consumer residential and commercial solar panels that aims for people to save money and benefit the planet. This is done by improving the performance of solar rooftop installations.

The idea of FlexThor was born out of the joint initiative of Mohammad Meraj Alam and Abdul Mannan Rauf. They came together and combine their years of experience in renewables and product development to focus on developing a smart battery storage solution that avoids solar power wastage.


Maximizing solar panels

FlexThor offers the use of stored solar power when and how the prosumer requires it. This is based on the latest technology, IoT platform, and machine learning for an innovative and easily exploitable storage system, providing up to 10% more power performance annually.

Photovoltaic (PV) panels produce the maximum electrical energy at noon. However, when several solar installations produce electricity simultaneously, the electrical grid becomes congested, and the voltage considerably increases. When this happens, the energy produced is wasted until the voltage returns to normal. This affects the lifespan of the panels. FlexThor is specially designed to overcome this problem while reducing the electricity bill.

FlexThor is an intelligent, self-sustaining, easy to install, reliable, and renewable power management system. With this, energy self-generation is combined with the maximization of PV performance. Its sensors continually monitor the power grid and forecast the duration of the voltage rise. This prevents possible waste using the safest lithium-ion battery chemistry supported by a powerful artificial intelligence software package.

The company is moving towards the right direction on promoting solar energy with their idea of preventing power waste on PV panels. Currently, there are two versions of the product. FlexThor 4.8 kWh is available for 0-5 kW PV panels. Meanwhile, FlexThor 7.2 kWh is intended for more than 5kW peak of PV panels and it is compatible with connected devices that allow it to be used remotely.

YouTube: FlexThor – Product Explainer

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