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LARQ: The Self-Cleaning, Water-Purifying Bottle

Water is a basic necessity that a lot of people take for granted. Some can enjoy having water on tap, while others have to buy a bottle. Of course, efforts are being made to lessen the use of plastics.

Most people use their tumblers and some can even purify water, but a lot of germs accumulate inside these containers when left alone. This also causes the funky smell you get when you have a tumbler for too long. There’s also the fact that drinkable water is not available anywhere.

Thankfully, LARQ has found a solution to having clean water and a clean container. They took the humble tumbler and created the LARQ Bottle that can purify your water and sanitize itself.

Drink clean wherever you go

On the outside, the LARQ Bottle looks like any other tumbler out there. Like most things, the most interesting bit about the bottle is under its cap. Literally. The cap has a UV-C light that is designed to kill germs. It’s the same as the ones used in hospitals to keep them clean of bacteria, but on a very small scale.

This UV light can eradicate up to 99.9999% of bacteria, preventing any virus that happens to be in whatever you’re drinking. Just put the water in, press the button on the cap, and wait for 60 seconds before drinking for the bottle to do its work.

The bottle has two modes, namely normal and adventure mode, which pertain to your movement. Shaking the water bottle on adventure mode helps spread the UV light evenly on the water and works stronger. If there’s only minimal movement, the normal mode would work just as fine.

Aside from all that, the LARQ Bottle can be charged up via USB and can last up to a month. It also has insulation that can keep liquids hot or cold for up to 24 hours. It also helps that the bottle itself is pretty minimalistic and stylish in design so you’d want to take it anywhere.

The LARQ Bottle is the first of its kind with its purification on both water and container. Now you can drink clean water more sustainably. It comes in a total of six colors, with one special edition color, and two sizes to choose from, starting at $95.

YouTube: LARQ – The World’s First Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

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