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Sanitize Using Ozone Water with Water Magician 2.0

From cleaning our clothes to washing down our food before consumption, cleanliness is extremely important. In turn, the solutions we use to keep clean should also be picked with proper care. Due to the pandemic over the past year, cleaning products and their contents have been given importance. Suddenly, cleanliness needs to be one of the biggest aspects we must focus on.

However, solutions such as sanitizers, detergents, or bath solutions use chemicals that may be harmful. Alcohol in sanitizers can cause skin burns if over-concentrated. Detergents may have a similar effect as well. Thankfully, a company from Taiwan called Friendly Life came up with a healthy solution for this: the Water Magician 2.0.

Water Magician 2.0
Image: Friendly Life

Cleaning without chemicals

Water Magician 2.0 is a device that uses electricity to turn tap water into ozonated water. Ozone water is an oxidizing agent that acts as a strong biocide capable of killing bacteria and viruses.

A solution of ozone water can essentially be used for any form of cleaning action. This means that you can use ozone water from the Water Magician 2.0 for everything, from cleaning dishes, doing your laundry, and even giving your pets baths.

The Water Magician 2.0 is completely toxin-free. It is also more eco-friendly as the product doesn’t use chemicals to achieve its results. Combining that with its portability and reusability, this phenomenal little gadget can prove to be extremely useful within your house and on the go.

Water Magician
Image: Friendly Life

From tap to ozonated water

The Water Magician 2.0 is essentially a device that performs electrolysis, converting oxygen in the water to ozone, which has properties that can kill bacteria and viruses and be converted back to oxygen in the process. The ozonated water can also get rid of odor and smells, making it suitable for cleaning.

Since Water Magician 2.0 doesn’t use chemicals, you can use it to clean fruits, vegetables, and meats. It uses stainless steel cathodes and titanium anodes which are designed structurally to be as efficient in their job as possible.

Water Magician functionality

The Water Magician 2.0 is a phenomenal gadget and an extremely innovative solution to a problem that can be quite a hassle in our daily lives. Its reusability makes it significantly more economical in the long run. The lack of chemicals and their toxin-free nature makes it an ecological choice at a time when we need to be more conscious about the environment. This device is currently available on Kickstarter, starting at $99.

YouTube: Water Magician 2.0|The Ozone Sanitizer For All Your Cleaning

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