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Mictic Lets You Create Music with Movement

Music has been a universal language for most people to express themselves – be it in the form of playing instruments, composing songs, producing music, singing, dancing, or anything that involves music. That explains why a lot of platforms have popped up in the past few years to accommodate this need to express one’s self. Fast-growing Swiss startup company Mictic does this with its unique technology that allows people to create music through a wearable wristband.

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With years of experience in the music industry, Mershad Javan took on a bigger role as the Mictic’s CEO in March of last year, joining a team of fellow musicians. The company aims to develop innovative music experiences, using technology to connect, relate and create music. They also hope to make music expression more possible and accessible to the general public, regardless of the music genre that they enjoy.

This hope gave birth to the wristband. Invented by Rolf Hellat, the device contains sensors that detect the precise movement of the wearer, turning the wearer’s arm movements into sounds that play on a smart device in real-time via Bluetooth. Connecting it with its accompanying Mictic app will also allow you to pick out the sound you want. The iOS app will be available in the initial launch, while the Android version is planned to come in later on.

Image: Mictic

The wristband carries a variety of musical instruments like drums, violin, and guitars. It also has soundscapes such as  EDM, rock, and hip hop. Apart from that, Mictic is also looking into offering motion-based games in the future, like kung fu, tennis, and lightsaber sounds to name a few. Javan described the device further as an expressive medium, saying that “The artist in you will love experimenting with this new musical tool with literally no rules, no one to tell you what you can’t do.”

The Kickstarter campaign for the Mictic wristband has been successfully backed and is set to be released by September this year. Meanwhile, the company has expanded and opened an office in Southern California to widen its reach in terms of distribution, talent relations, and gaining other partners in the music and social media industry. Definitely, this is something to look forward to before the year ends.

YouTube: Mitic – Create Music With Your Movement

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