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Yousician Helps Bring Out the Musician In You

We have seen technology evolve the way we gain knowledge that can be beneficial to our modern lifestyle. From learning a new language to training professionals, education can now be accessed just in front of your screen. Music is also one of the many things that you can learn for yourself with the Yousician app.

Yousician is a Finnish-made interactive music application that can help you learn how to play different musical instruments. This includes ukulele, piano, and bass. You can even learn how to sing better with the app.

Learning and tuning your instruments right

Yousician’s mission is “making musicality as common as literacy.” With this app, you can learn musical instruments in the comfort of your homes. The company also developed the GuitarTuna app to help you play better with your instrument.


The app uses a built-in audio signal processing technology that can recognize notes and chords being played. Users can play on their real instruments (both acoustic and electric) and receive live feedback. In contrast, they can also play cordless and use the built-in microphones from their devices. With this, users can tune their instruments to the right note.

Yousician helps set the user’s goals, letting them track their progress to monitor their improvement in the lessons. This app also provides step-by-step video tutorials that cover the most important skills to learn for the chosen instrument. This motivates the user and encourages them to compete with other yousicians in weekly challenges to get a spot on the leaderboards. Users can also choose from the collection of songs and lessons in the app and learn to play from there.


Yousicians also helps instructors to teach other people with Yousician for Educators. This is a service built for teachers using the app to teach their students in a classroom setting and at home. The best thing about it is that it is free for teachers.

Yousician is available for iOS, Android, and PC for you to download and enjoy. If you want the full experience, you can get the Yousician Premium $9.99/month for a yearly subscription or $19.99 for a monthly subscription.

Photo credits: The feature photo has been taken by Eliana Morte. All other images are owned by Yousician and have been provided for press usage.

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