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Jaxsta: Database of Music Credits for the Industry

Art is an essential part of life for people to express their feelings, emotions, ideas, and opinions. One of them is music which continues to develop and evolve along with us. Today, we cannot imagine a world without it. We hear music everywhere we go — on the radio, in stores, on social media. Music is everywhere and it’s part of us as a society, being able to change according to geography and culture.

Enter Jaxsta

Music has been made the same for decades. Instruments and vocals were the main things needed to create music — but this all has changed. With the arrival of technology, music also had to adapt to these new advances and musicians had to learn a new way to make music with modern electronic devices. From creating music with just your body movement to helping deaf people “feel” music, different ways of music production came when technology stepped in.

While music is continuously becoming accessible, it’s not the same way for the information on who produced and helped create our favorite tunes. This is why Jaxsta, a music company that uses technology to develop the world’s most comprehensive resource of official music credits, was born. Founded in 2015 by Jacqui Louez-Schoorl and Louis Schoorl, this website has given artists and people behind the scene a place to show the work they have done and find potential clients for future projects and collaborations.

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Behind the music

Since it debuted on the Australian Securities Exchange in December 2018, Jaxsta has had plenty of acceptance among musicians and general users. Their head office is based in Sydney, with representatives in New York, London, and Los Angeles; this way, they have a worldwide group of people that work to look for different and official music credits.

Whether you’re a musician, a producer, a songwriter, or simply an enthusiast, you can find useful and accurate information about your favorite artists. This is also a way for other producers and music creators to find others and collaborate on a project. That’s why Jaxsta has been called the new LinkedIn for musicians, connecting people through music.

You will also find a record of all the work an artist or collaborator has done to get to know them more. The information gathered in Jaxsta comes from “official data sourced exclusively and directly from the custodians of that data” such as labels as well as award-giving bodies and music charts. That way, the information you get is the most accurate.

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Why it matters

While the way people made music evolved, a lot of things suffered changes when came to the music industry. For example, the transition from physical vinyl or CD to online music hugely impacted the artists and people who worked behind the scene to make albums and great songs possible. People behind the music — producers, sound engineers, songwriters, lyricists, and other contributors — were affected as well in this new music era. Due to digital music, crediting the people who worked behind the scenes got lost. Sometimes, it’s difficult to find accurate information about the people who worked on a specific song or album that’s not necessarily the performer. Jaxsta saw that this was a blank space in the music industry.

Everyone can listen to a song or check out a new album right from their phone using apps, but they won’t know more about the people who worked on that song or album. That’s why Jaxsta needed to provide people a source of accurate information where they could find everything about what any person involved with the music industry has worked on.

Jaxsta is close to becoming one of the most important tools for musicians of this decade, the way their funders and all the teamwork work for the common goal: putting the people behind the music back on the record. For those who are aspiring to work in the music industry, the platform has two subscription plans. You can either start for free with the Core plan, but if you need more features, that will cost you $49 per year with Pro.

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