Drumistic: French Startup Builds Drumstick Gadget


Ever heard of Drumistic? You’re a passionate drummer or aspiring enthusiast of everything that creates a beat? If you want to practice wherever you are without first installing a drum set, or if you don’t like bothering your neighbors, you should pay attention to this new product.

Drumming without drums?

French startup Drumistic, from Paris, is working on a solution that lets you play virtually without losing your practice potential. You just attach their gadgets to your drumsticks and feet, connect your smartphone, and you’re ready to go.

How it works

The devices will capture movement, haptics, and motion and will translate the signals to sound and even record notes of what you’re doing. Even if you’re a guitarist, this can be very useful for you, to add some beat to your play without hooking up a sequencer to your setup.


Beyond that, the companion app can also act as your personal drumming coach and guide you through lessons, which you then need to complete. This is great practice for beginners and entertaining for veterans alike.

You can also use the app to record your session as an audio file or midi file if you’d like to edit your drumming later on a production workstation. So, this solution isn’t proprietary, and neither is it standalone. They currently support Android and iOS endpoints and plan to support Windows mobile OS soon.

What the Drumistic team says

The people behind Drumistic have a background in playing music and being drummers themselves, this allows them to target the actual needs of their audience very well. They market their solution like this, “Drumistic breaks all the barriers of drumming practice and makes your drumsticks come alive! Your drumsticks will be totally interactive. Each drummer is unique with a drumming setup and length or diameter of drumsticks that work best for them. It’s perfect: Drumistic adapts to you. In this small, ultra light, and compact device, you’ll find the advantages of acoustic drumming and electronics, and enjoy an unequaled interactive experience.”

Pricing and release info

You can preorder the Drumistic sets now. The most common bundle, with four sensor units, is available for €199 ($224), plus shipping. The startup plans to ship the first items in early 2018. They have successfully completed their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign already. 655 drum-loving music enthusiasts and producers backed this project, reaching a total funding sum of €103,070 ($115,895).

What do you think? Are you a musician and looking for such a solution? You’re a professional music producer and have a different take on this? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments.

YouTube: Drumistic: French Startup Launches IoT Drumstick Gadget

Photo credit: Drumistic

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