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Joué Lets You Compose Music Wherever You Go

The rapid development of new technologies has warranted incredible changes in all spheres of our lives. It has simplified much of what we need every day, including production, travel, communication, housekeeping, and even healthcare. On top of all that, it has changed how we create and express ourselves. Let’s take a look at another great invention that focuses on simplifying music playing and expression.

Play your music everywhere

Joué is a modular MIDI controller that emulates the playing of an actual instrument. Anyone can use this simple solution – from beginners to professional artists. It offers every creative soul a unique level of expressivity and spontaneity.

As you may deduce from its name, Joué originates in France – specifically in Bordeaux – and comprises of an enthusiastic team of musicians and tech lovers. They embarked on a mission to “blur the line between analog and digital worlds” and gave birth to the Joué project as a part of the Darwin Ecosystem.

Creating magic with Joué

Joué’s creators used wood and metal to construct the innovative instrument. They added a polyphonic pressure sensor on which “magic” modules are placed. These modules can be in the form of guitar strings, drums pads, keys, or even 3D control objects. It all depends whichever your area of (music creation) interest may be.

The soft and elastic modules respond to natural gestures. Specifically, these include pressing, hitting, bending, vibrato, and aftertouch, just like traditional instruments. You can connect the product to your musical gear, add three modules, and play away. Joué is practical and small and can be carried around anywhere, making it easy to create music on the go.

Finally, it supports USB cable connectivity to smartphones, tablets, and computers. What’s more, you can use a wide array of audio software like Apple Logic, BitWig Studio, Ableton Live, Native Instruments plugins, Max, and all kinds of iPad apps like GarageBand.

Interested? We bet. Joué Essential Pack can be yours at €479. Each basic module costs €19, while the fretboard and synth are at €29 which are all available at the shop.

YouTube: Joué, Give a soul to your digital instruments

Photo credit: All images used are owned by Joué and were provided for press usage.

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