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Audiotool Studio Lets You Produce Music in Your Browser for Free

If you’ve always wanted to make your own music, but never had the money for the expensive equipment and software, renting studios or hiring other musicians, you’re going to love this. Making your own music is no longer an unfulfilled desire with Audiotool, a powerful online music production studio, right there in your browser.

How Audiotool works

Audiotool’s modular structure allows devices to be freely added to the app’s desktop where cables can be manually dragged from input to output mirroring the workflow of early electronic musicians. This gives you full freedom regarding the routing, splitting or merging of the different synthesizers outputs.

No devices? No problem! Their cloud-based, community-fed library has over 250,000 samples and more than 50,000 device presets available through various device’s preset browsers.

Audiotool has its own servers where it stores all track assets. This allows you to access your work from whichever browser you want, whenever you need. There’s no need to worry about further software installations. Moreover, it enables international collaborations regardless of hardware/software compatibility.

Some features to check out

Audiotool has a wide range of features and options you can utilize. They are arranged according to categories: Instruments, Mixing & Routing, and Effects.

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Instrument presets offer various sound options you can control via your keyboard to create your own patterns and rhythms. Mixing & Routing offers some more technical features, such as controlling the overall output, stereo channels, panning and leveling, splitting and merging, and more. And of course, the Effects section offers, you guessed it, a wide selection of effect to incorporate into your music. These include stomp boxes, stereo enhancer, auto-filter, etc.

If this all sounds too confusing, don’t worry. The Audiotool website has all the tutorials you need to get around their amazing app.

You can use the app right here in your browser. All you need is an email or social media account to sign in with and you’re good to go.

YouTube: Beginner’s Guide to Audiotool Next 2018 (Hlecktro)

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