Mechanical Keyboards: The Unexpected Bibliophile Find


Mechanical keyboards are my latest unexpected find. The sound of the clickity-clack. The chunky aesthetic and springiness in the keycaps when your fingers work across the surface furiously. All these make me think of typewriters. Who knew that a modern version of these exists?

I was so happy when I found the description of what I was looking for in a keyboard – something I use almost every day, even more so now I work from home.

The relationship between the bibliophile persona and mechanical keyboards

I am an old soul at heart – I love books, paper, journaling, and I am an aspiring geek. A few things about mechanical keyboards appeal to me. There’s something nostalgic about the feeling when it comes to typing on a mechanical keyboard. Perhaps it’s how much the very touch of it resembles a typewriter. Oddly enough, I fancy a keyboard that isn’t all that silent – the sound of typing soothes me.

Blue And Orange Mechanical Keyboard Design
Image: Paul / Adobe Stock

I never paused to consider the relationship between mechanical keyboards and typewriters. Who knew that a whole category of keyboards exists for the primary purpose of gaming. I have been on Pinterest, pinning ideas for customizing my keyboard to fit my aesthetic. That was how I came across the term “mechanical keyboards.” Beyond aesthetics, the ability of different types of switches and keycaps (labeled or not) was music to my autistic ears. I’m sensitive to how things feel and sound, so this will make my work-desk experience so much better.

Keyboards that are not just for gaming

I write a lot, and I chat a lot on desktop computers. Mechanical keyboards are more durable than regular keyboards. You can replace individual keys if they break without buying an entirely new keyboard. Some also come with a pretty cool backlight – this comes in handy if you like working in a dimmer environment. My eyes are sensitive to light, so my desk is set up in a dim, cozy corner.

They also feel great. The ‘touch feedback’ makes a difference. I find myself tapping on keyboards whenever I’m at a friend’s place or in an electronic store. I like the feeling of buttons – think of mobile phones before the touch screen. That’s where it makes a difference, especially if you’re writing long documents for a living.

I love writing with pen and paper too. Now that means my desk is full of notebooks. Desk space is vital for my mind space. And that’s why I spent the entire weekend looking at mini mechanical keyboards. Everything condensed, easily tucked away under my laptop stand.

Gamers Esports Desktop Setup Mechanical Keyboard
Image: Parilov / Adobe Stock

I’ve just ordered myself a mini one – and I’m so excited to get my hands on it. Maybe I feel a little cooler knowing the proper term for what I was looking for. Perhaps I feel like I belong a little more to the in-crowd of gamers since we now have a common interest. But expressing yourself should feel good. And we do a lot of that these days with the act of typing. Make it enjoyable. Get yourself a setup that makes showing up at work every day a delight. It’s perhaps an area of wellness and self-care we could afford to pay a little more attention to. Your mind space matters, and the environment design of where you put your mind to work makes a difference.

If you’re intrigued but don’t know where to start, you can have a look at the models and designs by mechanical keyboard makers such as Logitech, Razer, AZIO, Steelseries, Filco, Roccat, Lofree, Das Keyboard, Corsair, Ducky One, Blackmagic, HAVIT, Banggood, Speedlink, Happy Hacking, Marsback, just to name a few popular choices.

If you want to learn more about why anyone would like to get a mechanical keyboard, you can also watch the video below by Andrew from the TaeKeyboards channel on YouTube.

YouTube: Why Get a Mechanical Keyboard?

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Daniel. The product shot was prepared by Paul. The photo showing esports gamers from the side with a mechanical keyboard was taken by Parilov.

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Geraldine Lee
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