Why Matilda Kahl Wears the Same Outfit to Work Every Day


If there’s one thing that people tend to focus on quite a lot that would be the way they dress. Personal image is becoming more and more important for all of us, and to be honest it shouldn’t be a pivotal component of our life, instead we should be the ones to decide when and what or how to wear. That was the case of Matilda Kahl, who is an art director that took a unique approach to this sort of things.

Basically, the job of an art director is to always be creative, but she found that the overall way she dresses is more of a chore rather than anything else. Men tend to have a suit and that’s very easy for them if they want to wear something at the office.

A lot of people can spend a long time in order to figure out what to wear in the office, time that should be spent on other stuff, be it on productivity or maybe sleep. There are more important things in life rather than how you dress, because at the end of the day people will be more interested in what you say and how you do it rather than what you are talking about and things like that. It’s the way you wear the stuff on you that matters and now what you wear, because at the end of the day you represent yourself.


That’s what Matilda realized and to be honest I agree with her. When you go to a meeting or at the workplace, the last thing you want to focus on is having a fashion parade. Productivity is key and as you might have seen from people like Mark Zuckerberg for example, they tend to dress the same each day mainly because that’s what really drives productivity and success. You need to think about the important things in your life because they will be the ones that govern your future and the results that you can give.


Matilda’s approach is one that I would definitely recommend to any person, who wants to be more productive. It’s a time wasting thing that really won’t pay off. Sure, you need to approach this differently when you go in town for example, but rest assured that when you go at the workplace this will not be a fashion parade. Focus on success more than on anything else and rest assured that the results will come for sure.

You don’t have to focus on what you wear at work that much, instead try to be creative and make sure that you obtain the best possible results when it comes to productivity. Do that, and rest assured that the best results that you always wanted will indeed come for you!

YouTube: Woman wears same outfit every day! 

Photo credit: Matilda Kahl / Axel Hartmann
Source: Marqui Mapp (CNBC) / Matilda Kahl (Harper’s Bazaar)

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