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Lofree’s Four Seasons Mechanical Keyboard in Retro Design

You are in for a surprise if you are into retro tech. Inspired by typewriters, in 2017, Lofree launched the crowdfunding campaign for the first mechanical retro keyboard, which turned out to be super successful. The Four Seasons Mechanical Keyboard is now Lofree’s latest offering with the same retro style but also four new seasonal colors.


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Along with many features, Lofree Four Seasons welcomes nature in its imaginative architecture, encourages hand-typing, and adds a touch of glamor to your personal style. We think Lofree changes the way of thinking about keyboards. Each time you look at the Lofree keyboard, they want you to feel inspired.

Design and specification

Lofree’s latest offering with the same retro style comes in four different color combinations that are inspired by the various times of the year. Four seasons come with Vernal White (spring), Aestival Blue (summer), Autumnal Grey (autumn), and Hibernal Black (winter). As far as design goes, this thing looks impressive, and it also offers useful features.

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Gateron switches are used to make it sound like a typewriter and circular key-caps that fit the fingers nicely. Lofree Four Seasons is fully compatible with the function keys as well, without any further setup needed to be done by you. On Mac, this means you can change the brightness and volume, use the Launchpad, and monitor the task from your Lofree keyboard, among the other multifunctional keys.


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Lofree Four Seasons is both Mac and Windows compatible, however, and it can also connect to your iOS and Android devices, making it so much easier to be productive on several devices. It also features three different backlit settings and has a wired / wireless mode, auto-sleep, and more functions you can make use of besides looking really sleek and nice.

What is different about Lofree Four Seasons?

Many mechanical keyboards are made for gamers. Those are often bulky, wired, and full of features you probably will not be used under normal conditions. The Lofree keyboard is designed for artists, designers, writers, and other sorts of creative people and anyone who just wants to enjoy a beautiful mechanical wireless keyboard. For those who spend long hours typing on a keyboard like journalists, translators, and other professionals, the Four Seasons offers the most relaxed typing experience.


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Pricing and where to get It

These keyboards are currently priced on Lofree.co for $149 each. They currently seem sold out, but as they seem to have been a success for the company, it might be fair to assume they are preparing more units to be available shortly.


With this keyboard, Lofree got a lot of things right. The ease of configuration, the problem-free Bluetooth link plus being wireless, and the function keys are all compatible with MacBooks as well. It might be a bit expensive if you do not need an extra keyboard, but if you need some extra spark for your next writing work, this might be worth it.

YouTube: Lofree Four Seasons Keyboard

Photo credit: All images shown are owned by Lofree.

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