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To Game or Not to Game, That Is the Question!

Are you a gamer? Do you play video games or other more traditional kinds of games? If you are, I am sure you have heard people before telling you that they don’t like gaming.

Do you like games?

Of course, everybody can have an opinion, but is that even a viable option? To be or not to be? To game or not to game, that is the question today.

I don’t think it’s possibly an option that someone could truthfully state that they don’t like video games. The desire for entertainment is in the human nature. The way on how you are entertained doesn’t even need to be defined in detail that’s just how we are constructed.

The human nature

LAN Online Gaming eGames Competitive Player Championship Event SteelSeries Gamer ConcentratedMore so, the humans are a competitive species. They want to compete with the goal of being better than all the others. If they cannot achieve that, they will practice. It’s a matter of taste and style, not a matter of medium.

This means I trust someone could dislike a particular kind of games. A type of gameplay perhaps. Maybe a certain genre that they don’t enjoy much. Okay, I grant them that. But I don’t believe someone could possibly dislike games in the holistic sense.

Generalisation mistakes

Neither would someone state that they don’t like movies or music. They might not like each and every flick and song out there, but that doesn’t give the verdict of disqualifying all movies and music there might be.

I think someone who might say they don’t like video games only never found the entrance to the medium or never found a game that interested them. In modern video games, we can now differentiate a lot more in gaming. Back in the days of sidescrollers, there wasn’t much of a story to be told, but nowadays games are more like a dynamic movie or book.

What’s the fuzz about?

Characters are introduced and forged to tie with you during their / your journey. In some games, you might even create your own character to live by your own rule. In general, if you tell me that you don’t like video games, I’ll tell you, you just never played the right game.

So, whether you’re a gamer or not, I hope you found this article to be inclusive. It’s all fun and games. What do you think? Share your thoughts below in the comments!

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