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Work Stylishly with AZIO’s New Keyboard Set, The IZO Collection

If you are into tech that has a retro feel to it, then you are in for a treat. AZIO’s new IZO Collection embraces fashion-forward metallic colors and retro design aesthetics for its computer peripherals. The company’s creative director Sam Li shared that “With the IZO Collection, we invite our customers to be colorful, bold, and extraordinary.”

IZO Collection
Image: AZIO

Design and connectivity

More than the design, multi-connectivity is an absolute necessity for wireless devices. With the keyboards from the IZO Collection, you can connect up to three devices through Bluetooth. It also comes with a USB Type-C cable to establish a wired connection to your type-C laptops, smartphones, tabs, and so on.

The IZO Collection has keyboards, mice, number pads, palm rests, and desk pads with additions of curated 18K gold-colored removable keycaps. The keyboard does not have a number pad, so you will have to purchase that one separately. However, one nifty feature of this is that the number pad can be used as a standalone calculator when it is not connected to a device.

IZO Collection
Image: AZIO

The stylish mechanical keyboard

Whether you are a writer, coder, or gamer, having a durable and functional keyboard is essential. The keys for the IZO Collection are made with Gareton Blue mechanical switches. These switches produce tactile feedback and are meant to be used for long periods of time without wearing out. These keys are designed for long usage.

The IZO Collection is made with Polybutylene Terephthalate, a durable kind of plastic that retains its texture even after long usage. The characters are also laser etched on the keys, so you won’t need to worry about them fading away. The collection is available in three beautiful colors: Baroque Rose, Blue Iris, and White Blossom.

IZO Collection
Image: AZIO

One feature of the IZO Collection’s wireless keyboard that’s worth highlighting is that it comes with a knob on the top right that serves the dual purpose of adjusting the volume and the backlight of the keyboard. Apart from that, the keyboard also has a switch on the side for users to toggle between Bluetooth and USB modes when connecting to their devices. The keyboard set works on both MAC and PC.

AZIO launched the IZO Collection on Kickstarter and has been successfully backed. However, if you’re interested to get your hands on this, you can head down to their online store and pre-order the items. As of this writing, the collection is on sale, with the IZO Keyboard priced at $80 and the IZO Num Pad/Calculator available for $40. You can also check out the IZO Wireless Mouse, IZO Palm Rest, and IZO Desk Pad. The items are scheduled to ship in September.

YouTube: AZIO IZO Collection – Vibrant & Intuitive Keyboard Set

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