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Boston Dynamics Introduces Stretch for Warehouse Automation

Automation is very much a thing for a lot of companies these days, especially delivery services, from inventory to transportation. It’s not a surprise that the movement of such goods would be automated too. On March 29, 2021, Boston Dynamics debuted their robot called Stretch, which the company designed for warehouse automation.

It’s the company’s first industrial robot meant to assist in the spine-breaking task of loading and unloading boxes. Using Boston Dynamics’ previous robots’ designs and features, such as Spot and Atlas, Stretch was built to help workers and reduce health hazards that commonly happen in warehouses.

Automating the traditional warehouse

Stretch is mainly defined by its “custom-designed lightweight arm and a smart-gripper with advanced sensing and controls” to help lift boxes and other goods with ease. However, apart from helping with the literal heavy-lifting, this robot also helps in quickly navigating around warehouses. Thanks to Boston Dynamics’ tech, the robot will easily identify the boxes needed to be moved, ultimately saving time as well in delivering these goods around.

According to Boston Dynamics’ CEO, Robert Playter, he shared that Stretch aims to address the growing need for on-time deliveries with “the flexible movement of materials and improve working conditions for employees.” Not only are the employees are safer by putting them out of harm’s way in carrying heavy boxes, but also the transferring of goods is made faster thanks to automation. It can also potentially help allocate resources better by tapping employees to do more meaningful work while the robot does the hard, physical labor.

Stretch is still in its testing phase, and currently, Boston Dynamics is looking for customers who are willing to give the robot a try. The company is also aiming for commercial production in 2022, and when it does, it most likely will become a companion that can help relieve health hazards and provide efficiency in deliveries.

YouTube: Introducing Stretch

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