EazyStock: Cloud-Based ERP Software for Inventory Management


All businesses should have an effective and value-adding inventory management system in place. Thanks to the current digital landscape, there are a fair number of software that are available for businesses to use. Inventory management software allows companies to monitor matters relating to their inventory. Thus, providing them with greater control over everything. One such software that many businesses rely on for their inventory management needs would include EazyStock from Syncron. This software exists as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) add-on that is quick to implement and simple to use.

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What is EazyStock?

EazyStock is a cloud-based inventory optimization software that many businesses and organizations utilize, of all sizes, all over the world. While they do support all enterprises, they mainly exist as a suitable inventory optimization option for small-to-medium businesses (SMBs). This software can seamlessly integrate with all existing ERP systems, which means that every business can take advantage of EazyStock’s services. It is also very likely that every business already has its own ERP software in place, as ERPs aid in the automation of core business functions — such as production, management of costs, accounting, and more. EazyStock has an impressive client base, which currently includes NHK Group, Copiax, Jaybro, John Louis Home, as well as many more.

Target businesses and EazyStock’s services

Regardless of the type of business you run, EazyStock is used worldwide by both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) companies. This means that it doesn’t matter if your business specializes in retail, wholesale, or manufacturing. EazyStock will do its best to optimize and provide further insight into your enterprise’s inventory. All in order to help you meet and surpass your business goals.

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EazyStock shouldn’t be labeled as any ordinary inventory management software because it’s not. While this software does assist in tracking inventory levels, orders, and other data, it doesn’t simply organize and store information on your business’s stock items. This software prioritizes inventory optimization, which means that it manages your business’s inventory in accordance with many important factors, such as product demand, business objectives, location, and investment constraints. EazyStock’s goal is to support its clients in the construction of adaptive and well-built supply chains through the optimization of their inventory.

EazyStock’s features

  • After classifying business stock items by their individual demand patterns, the software will calculate and produce forecasts, as well as set optimum inventory parameters. (This includes buffer stock, order levels, and order quantities.)
  • If your business has seasonal products, special promotions, or campaigns, EazyStock’s state-of-the-art algorithms and operations will oversee the management of it all.
  • Make sure that your business or select locations are never out of stock. EazyStock will ensure the purchase and replenishment of stock items when they are running low with automated purchasing.
  • EazyStock will optimize your inventory. This confirms that your business’s target customer service levels are being satisfied while ensuring that your inventory costs are kept at a minimum.
  • If you have multiple warehouse locations, this software will manage the distribution of business items across all of them — according to stock levels and predicted forecasts.
  • EazyStock has a Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Reports dashboard that is constantly updated. With this, you can always check up on the state of your inventory. Quick overviews allow you to check how your inventory is being distributed easily. This feature displays your business’s buffer stock, service levels, and all other information required for you to carry out appropriate business choices.
  • The supplier management feature will keep tabs on the constantly changing schedules of your suppliers. It’s always difficult to keep track of special holidays and different production schedules. But EazyStock is here to store all of that information so that you won’t have to worry about forgetting it.
  • Promotions are important for increasing sales. However, a sudden increase in product demands might result in insufficient stock. EazyStock will ensure that your business won’t have to deal with too much leftover stock or inadequate inventory by accurately calculating how your business should handle its inventory for the anticipation and aftermath of promotional events.

Business benefits from the integration of EazyStock

There are many benefits that come with having inventory optimization software that is cloud-based. For one, EazyStock clients are able to observe and assess the status of their businesses’ inventory at all times, from anywhere. Secondly, it makes it extremely easy and quick for businesses to implement EazyStock’s software into their existing ERP system. Since EazyStock’s inventory optimization service involves absolutely zero on-premise hardware, it also presents itself as an affordable inventory management tool for SMBs.

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Lastly, with EazyStock handling all of their clients’ business inventory matters, companies are able to spend more of their time and energy on other aspects of their business. For example, business owners will be able to fully focus on other company commitments, such as developing newer products, managing marketing strategies, and implementing other important decisions that will benefit their enterprise.

If you’re still at the start of your search for an ERP solution that matches your business, make sure you also have a look at alternative inventory management solutions such as Oracle NetSuite, MarketMan, Megaventory, Sortly, Katana, or even open-source software such as Odoo. Free and open-source software often comes with advantages but they sometimes also require at least one person to champion the product and learn about it to help the implementation. If you need to hire a new person just to run free software, it wasn’t a good deal.

YouTube: Introducing EazyStock – The Inventory Optimization Software for SMBs

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