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Rinspeed Announces Conceptual Vehicle for Automated Delivery, CitySnap

This year, people’s lives have been turned upside down as the world faced COVID-19. The “new normal” has become a phrase that pertains to how we try and cope with the pandemic. This includes having outdoor limitations to avoid getting the virus.

Due to that, people have opted to have their items delivered to their doorstep. In turn, several companies have taken their business online and are now relying on delivery services. It’s no surprise to see delivery trucks every day, all thanks to various online shopping platforms and courier services. 

While it is definitely advantageous to having items delivered instead, there are bound to be some delivery hazards and disadvantages along the way such as delays and parcel mishaps. In a world where these kinds of services are increasingly becoming a necessity, it’s no wonder that a company like Rinspeed would want to tackle this problem. Their solution comes in the form of Rinspeed CitySnap, a concept delivery vehicle which they recently announced last November.

Rinspeed CitySnap

Deliveries in a snap

The concept of the Rinspeed CitySnap was announced last November as a vehicle used especially for delivering products. The automated vehicle can load and unload parcel stations in a convenient location for the receiver to retrieve their items. These stations will be available around the area for a person to get their items at a limited timeframe as an attempt to solve the problem of having to miss a delivery altogether just because the receiver is not home at the moment.

What makes Rinspeed CitySnap enticing for business owners is its potential to reduce delivery costs by up to 50% as it can carry more parcels. Meanwhile, consumers are promised to have a faster delivery as it can load and unload multiple parcels at once to save time. Apart from that, the vehicle can potentially reduce carbon emissions by up to 6% per parcel. 

Rinspeed CitySnap

The founder and inventor of the vehicle, Frank M. Rinderknecht, said that “People want more and more convenience and simplicity in their lives.” At the moment, the concept of Rinspeed CitySnap includes a human whose sole purpose is to drive. However, much like the growing trend of automation and vehicles available, the company also foresees that driving will become automated in the future.

Photo credits: The feature image is only symbolic and has been taken by Wynand van Poortvliet. All other images used are owned by Rinspeed and have been provided for press usage.

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