Gadgets and Wearables for Dogs: Fun Tech Accessories Your Pets Will Love


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If you’re like most dog owners, you love spoiling your pet with fun toys and accessories. Well, guess what? There’s wearable technology for dogs now too. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the coolest gadgets and wearables that your pet can wear. From activity trackers to LED collars, there’s something for every pup out there. So whether you’re looking to keep your dog healthy and active or just want to make him look extra stylish, read on for the best wearable tech gear for dogs.

What are the coolest gadgets for furry friends?

LED collars are a great way to make sure your dog is visible at night. There are plenty of different designs and colors to choose from, so you can find one that matches your pup’s personality perfectly. Plus, many LED collars also come with built-in safety features like reflective fabric and flashing lights, so you can rest assured that your dog will be safe on evening walks. This kind of wearable tech for dogs surely looks “flashy,” but it’s also helpful for others to see your dog, especially in the Wintertime when it’s dark early.

If you’re looking for a wearable tech gadget that’s all about function, an activity tracker is a good option. These devices attach to your dog’s collar and track things like steps taken, calories burned, and minutes of activity. Some even come with GPS tracking, so you can see exactly where your dog goes when he’s off on his own adventures. And for the health-conscious pet owners out there, activity trackers can be a great way to make sure your dog is getting enough exercise.

Like with all things you buy for your pets or for your home in general, you should also check if the reviews are fine or if someone ever experienced a series problem with a product. It might not be applicable to all, but home insurance for people with dogs is something you might also want to look into to prevent trouble with your insurer or landlord. But what else is there? Here are some of the latest picks that we found for you and your favorite canine.

1. Sure Fit Thundershirt

The Sure Fit Thundershirt is a wearable tech accessory for dogs that is designed to calm them down. The Thundershirt uses gentle pressure to make the dog feel secure and calm. It is made of a lightweight and breathable fabric that is comfortable for the dog to wear. The Thundershirt comes in various sizes, so it is important to measure your dog before purchasing one.

The Thundershirt is a great wearable tech accessory for dogs who are anxious or have separation anxiety. It can also help dogs who are afraid of thunderstorms or fireworks. If your dog is having trouble adjusting to a new environment or routine, the Thundershirt can help them feel more comfortable and relaxed.

2. Dogstar dog emotion sensor

The Dogstar dog emotion sensor is a wearable device that monitors the emotions of dogs. It can track the dog’s heart rate, respiratory rate, and body temperature, and it can also detect when the dog is anxious, fearful, happy, or excited. This wearable tech can help dog owners better understand their pet’s emotional state and provide them with information that can help them to better care for their dog.

3. Uncle Milton – Pet’s Eye View Camera

The Uncle Milton – Pet’s Eye View Camera is a wearable gadget that your dog will love. This camera clips onto your dog’s collar and gives you a live view of what your pet is seeing. This is a great way to keep an eye on your dog when you’re not home, and it’s also a lot of fun for your pet to be able to see what you’re doing from their perspective.

4. AFP Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

Dog owners who are looking for tech, or gadgets that their pets can wear, should know about the AFP Automatic Dog Ball Launcher. This is a device designed to throw tennis balls at an automatic rate of fire up to 10 times per minute. It features a high-capacity magazine with 16 rubber balls and will automatically reload when it runs out of balls. This is a great way to keep your dog entertained and active, as it will have to run around trying to catch the balls being fired at it.

5. Wearable GPS tracker from Tractive

If you’re a dog lover, you also want to protect your pet and make sure they are safe and that you can find them in case they ever get lost. The wearable GPS tracker from Tractive could help you here. This tiny device attaches to your dog’s collar and lets you track their location in real-time using the Tractive app. You can also set up safe zones for your dog and receive notifications if they leave the safe zone. The Tractive GPS tracker is a great way to keep your dog safe and secure.

So, what are you waiting for? Outfit your pup with the best wearable tech gear and let him join the 21st century. They’ll love you for it. Or maybe they don’t care? But as long as they are happy, we are happy, am I right? If you’re looking for even more options, make sure you also watch the embedded video below.

YouTube: Best Pet Gadgets and Hacks Every Pet Owner Should Know (5-Minute Crafts)

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