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Find Out What Your Dog Is Feeling with Petpuls

Don’t you just wish you could understand what animals are saying just like how Dr. Dolittle can? However, separating movie reels from reality, that future is still far off. But we are, somehow, one step closer to understanding our little furry friends.

Petpuls, a South Korean startup company, has developed an AI-powered dog collar that can detect and translate our dog’s emotions. Coupled with their app, the dog collar lets you know what your dog is feeling.

Behind every bark

The Petpuls collar uses voice recognition technology that helps analyze a dog’s emotion based on its bark. They have a database of 10,000 different bark samples from 50 dog breeds to identify their emotional state. With all that data available, the collar can catch what any dog is feeling with around 90% accuracy.

The smart collar also acts as a fitness tracker, monitoring your dog’s physical activity, whether they’re in motion or rest. The Petpuls collar can even track the calories they’ve burnt. All these features would help fur parents understand their dogs more and supervise their dog’s well-being even better.


Not just a collar

The Petpuls collar is comprised of a small device attached to an eco-friendly silicone strap. It has both power and reset buttons, a microphone, a USB charging portal, and a 3-color LED-backlit display.

The device connects to Wi-Fi that’s within 15 feet and works with any Android 4.1 version and higher or iOS version 11 and higher. When it’s out of reach from any Wi-Fi connection, the Petpuls collar tethers to the smartphone and syncs back to the app once connected again.

Another important feature to highlight is that the Petpuls collar is water-resistant, so no need to worry when dogs need a little splash. However, it only has a battery life of 8-10 hours so charging daily is recommended.

Fit for any modern-day dog

The Petpuls collar comes in 2 sizes that can fit any dog breed you have. The small collar is 16.3″ long, while the large one is 30.5″ long. It also weighs just under an ounce, so it won’t strain your furry best friend’s neck.


The collar comes in blue, green, orange, pink, and turquoise, so you can choose a color that fits your dog’s personality or fur the best. The straps are durable, detachable, and interchangeable, so if you feel like spoiling your babies, then why not buy them in all the colors available, right?

If that is not enough to convince you, the Petpuls collar was recognized last year by the 17th Annual International Business Awards and got the Silver Stevie Award for Best New Product or Service of the Year in the Consumer Products-Durables category. For those who want to finally know what their furry best bud is feeling at any time of the day, the collar is now available, starting at $99. The accompanying app is available for both Android and iOS.

YouTube: Petpuls Smart Collar: Give Your Dog a ‘Voice’

Photo credits: The images used are owned by Petpuls and were provided for press usage.

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