About Ads and Sponsored Content on TechAcute

To offer our readers a free experience, we work with partners to generate the revenue required to run the site and compensate the team.

Types of sponsored content and advertising

There are various types of sponsored content, advertising, and marketing support, that are offered by TechAcute. For compliance, all content that falls under one or more of these categories will be marked clearly, for everyone to see and understand. The types consist of the following categories “Sponsored post” which is a whole article that is provided by an external party as advertising or for other marketing purposes, as well as “Contains paid links” when a third party has paid us money to include links to target websites as requested by them. While a “Sponsored post” would usually contain only advertising from a single third party, an article with the notice “Contains paid links” could include various paid links from more than a single third party.

Sponsored articles and brand messages

Sometimes we publish paid media posts that are written by people outside the TechAcute team. These articles provide value to the readers, but they are also intended to advertise an event, a service, a product, or the brand itself as such to prospects. If we are paid to write an article, the post would be set up with a similar disclaimer, but the author would retain their name as the author of the post.

Paid links

From time to time, we sell a brand a link placement in an article. In such cases, the article is not changed to advertise anything. In this case, our partners will benefit directly from readers visiting their website and possibly becoming customers, or they will benefit more indirectly from an improved Google ranking (SEO).

Affiliate links

Sometimes we include product links to websites that sell the referenced product. This is done for the reader’s convenience, so they can quickly check the current price of a product or even buy it directly if they want to. If a reader decides to buy something following such an affiliate link, we might earn a commission from the seller. The price for the buyer does not change because of that.

Other aspects of partnerships with third parties

If we report on an event, a service, a product, or something else and are not paid for the coverage but paid for travel, meals, accommodation, or if we receive a test sample, we will indicate this as part of the article. If there are any special aspects in a certain article related to these subjects, we will provide the readers with full disclosure as part of the article.