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Understanding Your Consumers Digitally with Behaviorally

The global lockdowns have made it essential for everyone to avoid physical shopping, but online shopping had already become a part of our discourse much before the pandemic. The challenge of the reduced number of footfalls in a store has made a company focus more on the visual appeal and authentic details of the product on an e-commerce website, to drive sales growth.

Behaviorally is a global digital partner that helps e-commerce companies expand their online consumer base using various AI technologies. The recently launched Flash.PDP is an AI vision recognition platform that optimizes the visual content on an e-commerce product detail page (PDP). Behaviorally’s CEO Alex Hunt explained that “all the growth will come from online shopping channels so understanding that will be ever more important and is central to Behaviorally’s strategy. The most interesting part is the digital grocery arena which is growing from 45 to 55% per annum, catching up with physical shopping.”

Online shopping behaviors

Even after the world picks up its pace, online shopping would still be a go-to choice for people to shop from groceries to electronic devices. In Behaviorally, Hunt shared that there has been enough data in the assessment of “assess platform compliance on product display pages and…quantitative data about what shoppers are doing”. However, they also saw an opportunity to fill in the gap of understanding the choices that consumers make.

There are two chic solutions that Behaviorally provides to solve complex problems of digital marketing: define and diagnose. We can understand these core concepts through one use case of Flash.PDP. To increase the customer growth of Amika Hair Care on Amazon, the Flash.PDP initially scanned over 450 images on the company’s 94 SKUs and found four images that required some action.

After running a diagnosis on the selected images, Behaviorally’s visual AI tool provided solutions to improve the quality and benefit communication of the images. While also suggesting laying emphasis on the visual appeal of the brand concerned product.

Understanding the customers’ shopping behaviors is an important step toward building a strong brand image online. Since the pandemic, many companies such as Klarna and Black Cart, have been making sincere efforts in making online shopping a wholesome experience for the shoppers. Behaviorally helps businesses understand how these experiences work with their consumers and understand them better.

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