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Klarna Gives Online Shopping a Twist

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There are foreshocks of the global online market size surpassing 4 trillion in 2020. This exponentially increasing progress in the global market begs for safer transactions, apparently. It’s not a surprise that with emerging digital technology, rates of cybercrime are also skyrocketing.

Without a doubt, hackers and scammers will be on the lookout for shopping addicts. The adrenaline-rush of these shoppers is stimulated through the onset of a sale. Sadly, the higher percentage of people affected by online transaction scam range from the ages of 18-24. This includes students, young employees, and entrepreneurs. This is where Klarna comes in.

The bank for your online needs

Klarna is a Swedish bank that provides its users with immediate, effective online solutions. After its origination in 2005, Klarna has gained worldwide fame by becoming the largest fintech startup in Europe.


This bank is your go-to destination if you prefer having many transaction options to choose, from direct payments to pay after delivery options. The service eliminates online transaction risks from the seller and consumer side. In fact, Klarna is responsible for 40% of all e-commerce sales in Sweden, making it one of the most reputed online banks out there.

Customer care

On their press page, Klarna claims that their mission is “to make paying as simple, safe and above all, smooth as possible”. They’re doing the job swiftly since they have around 1 million purchases every day of the week. Their collaborative platform is consumer-friendly because they listen to suggestions on how to run the bank better.

At the same time, if an online shop does not provide cash-on-delivery options, Klarna goes out of the way to offer COD irrespective of the retailer. If that’s not a thoughtful gesture, I don’t know what is.


Slowing down is not an option

Consumer growth has been exponential on the graphs for the service lately. There have been notably 85 million consumers globally. Furthermore, the Klarna application designed for easy access on smartphones has been the #1 trending app in the US according to the statistics in google play store in Autumn 2019. There is an average of 37,000 new app installs every day.

Without a second thought, Klarna is the treat for online consumers worldwide as they have connections with over 200,000 merchants. These include all the brands you look with the eye of awe. From IKEA to Michael Kors to Samsung, the list goes on and on. This innovative shopping experience online and in-store is something we have even higher hopes for in the future.

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