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Shop for Groceries Line-Free with FutureProof Retail

The less human interaction, the better. Sadly, this is our current state, but the world doesn’t stop because of this pandemic. People still need to go out to buy groceries so there would be food to eat. Although there are options to do online shopping and curbside pickups, it’s still not the same as getting to see and choose the actual products.

However, the problem with going to the grocery store is being around other people, especially when you’re in line to pay. FutureProof Retail came up with a solution to have a line-free mobile checkout available when doing groceries or anywhere that sells essential products. This creates a safer and cleaner option when doing your groceries.

FutureProof Retail
Image: FutureProof Retail

Easy signup

Launched in three industries in five continents, FutureProof Retail’s system is easy to use that even your grandparents can use them. For first-time users, you may get the app for Android or iOS. Just simply sign up with an email and a selfie.

You might be asking yourself why FutureProof Retail needs you to talk that selfie to register. The selfie is not just solely for profile customization, but it also syncs with the trust algorithm to secure the user from unauthorized use or transactions by other people.

If you want to log back into FutureProof Retail’s platform, you only need to click a link provided in an email sent to you. This is great for people who don’t like memorizing and coming up with new passwords for the gazillion apps they have, including myself.

FutureProof Retail
Image: FutureProof Retail

Frictionless shopping

Once you open the FutureProof Retail app, it would automatically detect the nearest store based on your location. With this system, customers can simply scan the items with their smartphones and bag the groceries as they go. Meanwhile, the online shopping cart would provide a running total as the user continues to shop. This is a convenient feature especially for those that are on a budget.

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For those items that don’t have barcodes and need to be weighed like fruits and vegetables, the users could look for those items in the FutureProof Retail app or scan through a custom scale software. Gone also are the days for coupons with this app as it provides specials and deals which could be saved for later and be applied upon checkout.

FutureProof Retail
Image: FutureProof Retail

Finally, users can also check out and pay with the app without lining up with the rest of the customers. There are two options for checking out your groceries with the FutureProof Retail app. The first is for the customers with QR codes. They only need to go to a designated checkout area to scan their QR code. This would notify the staff to check the user’s ID and randomly audit the bags.

The other option is when you’re without a QR code; you can just simply confirm and tap a button once the transaction is done. This can be done anywhere in the store and the payment would be processed immediately. Receipts are available in the FutureProof Retail app and would be sent via email as well.

This is definitely attractive not only to customers as they can do their groceries without worry, but also to businesses as this can potentially bring in more customers. For businesses who are willing to try out the FutureProof Retail system, there are plans they can choose to fit their business needs, starting at $15 per location per month.

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