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How To Start An Online Store?

The option of selling your products to hundreds of customers all around the world is a nice prospect, but to succeed at it you will need time and financial assets. Follow our checklist to see if you have included the following features in your business plan.

1. Memorable and simple domain name

Internet keeps changing, but one thing remains as important today, as it was a decade ago: you need a recognizable, easy to remember domain name. Many customers, who are looking for specific products browse through dozens of websites, which if not bookmarked properly, are often difficult to find when you need them the most. A simple domain name with a ring to it is something your customers will be more eager to remember. With so many domain names already in use it might be difficult to find the right one, so take your time and think it through before making any decisions. Use your products and their unique features as your inspiration.

2. Affordable web hosting services

Choose web hosting services, which match the scope of your online venture and which are affordable for beginner sellers. Web hosting services are often included in the e-commerce packages offered by popular hosted shopping carts, making it easier to start your business from scratch.

3. Designing the website

Designing your online store is now easier than ever with various templates and popular themes available for free. However, to create something that is functional and looks better than an average online store, you will need some serious designing skills. If you do not have the time to master the art of website design or you are looking for something unique, order services of a professional website developer.

4. A software to run the store

To process all transactions made via your online store and manage the products in your offer you are going to need a professional software. Many popular hosted shopping carts offer easy to use software (CMS) for website stores. It is a great solution for small businesses and inexperienced retailers with no knowledge of programming. However, if you need specific solutions or want to run a self-hosted website and have more control over your online store, we recommend using professional services to increase the functionality of your store. The most popular self-hosted shopping cart platforms are Magento, Open Cart and Ultra Cart.

5. Online promotion for your website

Search engine optimization and other modern techniques for promoting your online store bring the best results when used over a long time period. It is also important to base your internet campaign on a thorough research and choose the best strategy for your type of business. Recent studies show that search engine optimization is the most effective technique for increasing traffic to a website, beating social media, blogs and pay-per-click, although to achieve the best results you should try to combine all four solutions. If you do not know much about online marketing, hire a professional team to increase your chances of success.

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