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“Try Before You Buy” in Your Home with BlackCart

Despite the convenience online shopping offers, most people still prefer going to the actual stores. Why? Well, aside from the added satisfaction of having to see and feel the actual product, having to try it gives you that peace of mind that it not only fits but would look good on you. Unfortunately, buying online may be a hit or miss in those matters. That’s until BlackCart came around.

BlackCart is an e-commerce startup company based in Toronto that offers a “try before you buy” option, giving the customers an opportunity to transform their home into their own fitting room. Online merchants would ship the items the customers would like to try on, and the customers would only pay for the items that they would like to keep after the trial period has passed.

BlackCart helps customers love their shopping experience even more, which in turn boosts up the merchant’s average order value (AOV). There’s always the chance of gaining regular customers who can refer or leave a good review for the merchant which are powerful and influential in decision-making these days.

Innovation for fashion e-commerce stores

The entire lifecycle of each order is automated. With BlackCart having its own technology in terms of returns, payments, and overall user experience, this makes them shoulder all the financial risk on each transaction associated with fraud, damaged, or unreturned items. With this, there’s also no need to take hold of the shopper’s credit card for authorization.

The customer’s account would be adjusted depending on if the item was kept or returned. If there’s no action by the end of the trial period, it is assumed that the items are kept and would be automatically charged to the customer.

Envisioning the future of e-commerce

What used to be tied up with mostly apparel merchants, BlackCart is now also available as a plug-in for e-commerce platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Commerce Cloud, etc. What then only serviced fashion retailers, they now also cater to merchants selling shoes, mattresses, and cookware, just to name a few.

As BlackCart grows, the company aims to include customer support staff, product specialists, and salespeople into their team to make the most of the demand in online shopping due to the pandemic. The company also sees having on-demand returns in the future where the courier would physically pick up the items for return from your home for the added convenience and efficiency. Definitely, this is something worth giving a try.

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