Onelink: IoT Smoke Alarm Now Alexa-Enabled


Fire is one of the many causes of how tragedies can happen. It has destroyed many homes, buildings and establishments or worse it could even claim the lives of those we love. Before a fire erupts, it starts with smoke, to prevent this from happening, one must have a smoke detector installed in their home or office to detect a fire before it breaks out and gives you time to act before it becomes a death trap. What if you have a smoke alarm that doubles as a speaker for music and a voice-control to command your smart devices at home or office?

Onelink Safe & Sound is not your ordinary smoke alarm. It is a smart IoT alarm that could detect smoke and carbon monoxide in your home or office. Powered by First Alert’s technology for smoke and carbon monoxide detection, it has an 85-decibel alarm, and it also sends notifications to your mobile phone if the device detects any smoke or carbon monoxide within the premise.  It also has a built-in Alexa voice service which allows you to access all the features found on Amazon Echo. You can use voice commands on Onelink Safe & Sound to play your favorite music, audiobooks, control smart devices, and even have it read the news.

Here are the full features of Onelink Safe & Sound

Smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarm

A smart 2-in-1 Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm alerts you on your mobile phone and tells you the type and location of emergency inside your home.

Smart home speakers for audio and entertainment

The speakers provide you with omnidirectional audio; it also has noise-canceling microphones that hear you from any direction, even while playing music.

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Embedded Alexa voice services for convenience and control

Built-in Alexa voice services that plays music or audiobooks, reads the news; and you can use hands-free voice prompts to control your smart home IoT gadgets, lights, locks, and more.

Mobile connectivity through the Onelink Home app

The Onelink Home app allows you to test and silence your alarm, control entertainment and adjust your nightlight color and brightness through your phone or tablet.

Works with Apple HomeKit

Sets scenes and triggers through Apple HomeKit.

Hardwired alarm with easy setup and installation

Onelink Safe & Sound is a hardwired alarm that connects easily to electrical systems using the included adapter plugs.

AirPlay 2 compatibility available later this year

AirPlay 2 enables a wireless multi-room audio system, creating an easy way to stream music anywhere in your home. Compatible with iOS and other AirPlay 2 compatible devices.

What is AirPlay?

AirPlay is a proprietary protocol stack/suite developed by Apple that allows wireless streaming between devices of audio, video, device screens, and photos, together with related metadata.

Device Specifications

Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) 1039102
Model 1039102
Universal Product Code (UPC) 29054018229
Warranty 3-Year Limited
Sensor Type Photoelectric, Electrochemical
Battery Backup 10-Year Sealed Lithium
Item Length 6.80 in.
Item Width 6.80 in.
Item Height 2.26 in.
Item Weight 1.5 lbs

What is a photoelectric sensor?

A photoelectric sensor device is a piece of equipment used to discover the proximity, absence, or presence of an object by using a light transmitter (sometimes with infrared) and a photoelectric receiver. Such sensors are also used in industrial manufacturing.

What is an electrochemical sensor?

Also known as an electrochemical gas sensor is a gas detector that measures the density of a target gas by oxidizing or decreasing the target gas at an electrode and measuring the resulting current.

To get your very own Onelink Safe & Sound Smoke and CO alarm, check out their product page on Amazon for easy ordering. The device can currently be bought for $241.53. There are also bundles that tie in Amazon Echo devices, in case you’re looking to buy one.

A very helpful innovation for a smart and modern home or office and makes it a better and safer place for your family, friends, and colleagues. Would you purchase this device for your home or office? What do you think of this device? Write us your comment below.

YouTube: Is The Onelink Safe & Sound Right For You?

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Xz Jopillo
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The product combines two products into one by merging an Amazon Alexa device and a smoke alarm. It's a great idea, but you shouldn't expect much audio quality for playing music. Basic voice queries, however, should work out fine. It's also worth thinking about power supply before you're buying this IoT device and try to install it on the ceiling. We also subtracted a half star from the rating for the high price in comparison to regular smoke alarms.Onelink: IoT Smoke Alarm Now Alexa-Enabled