PREP Keeps Pets Safe from Smoke Inhalation in Emergencies


There’s no denying the prevalence of house fires, be it caused by a domestic mishap or something completely uncontrollable — such as a bushfire or wildfire — there’s no escape from it.

Hence, it comes as no surprise that many deaths – during the occurrence of fires – are caused by smoke inhalation. Smoke inhalation does not only prevent your respiratory system from taking in the required amount of oxygen to survive, but it can also result in burns occurring in the lungs, or even severe poisoning — due to the inevitable release of toxic gas from such fires.

While humans are able to increase their chances of survival through the use of face respiratory gas masks or fire masks, there has never been a real solution to prevent pets from the fatal effects of smoke inhalation; until now.

The Pet carrier

The Pet Rescue Evacuation Pack (PREP) is a smokeproof carrier, made specifically for pets, which will prevent your pet from suffering from smoke inhalation or any harm from toxic gases; for up to one hour.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, 40,000 to 150,000 pets die every year – nationwide – due to house fires; 80% of these deaths were noted to have been a result of smoke inhalation. Every minute your pet is exposed to smoke decreases their survival rate by 7-10%. It’s difficult to believe that just 10 minutes of exposure to smoke could be fatal for your pet.

Thankfully, PREP has the capability of helping owners drastically decrease these terrifying statistics by providing pets with a safe and comfortable environment while they are being evacuated from the fire.

What it does

PREP was created by the President of Fire Mask Bruce Victor Allali, and it works to remove smoke, dust, carbon monoxide and other toxic gases, from the air, with its Triple Filter Technology.

This carrier, much like the fire mask, is easy to use as it can quickly be deployed within just 10 seconds. Just open the conveniently sized sealed bag and press on the release mechanism to have it fully functioning. The LED lights located on the PREP will then begin to flash to signal that it is working, and it also ensures the visibility of the carrier, once your pet is placed inside it.

Why you should have one

Pets are an incredibly big part of their owners’ lives, and it would be absolutely devastating to lose them due to smoke inhalation. Smoke inhalation is not a joke, so ensure that your pet stays safe and invest in a Pet Rescue Evacuation Pack.

How you can support it and make it happen

PREP is currently a fantastic invention by Bruce Victor Allali that needs your support to take off. Please help make PREP a reality by backing its project on Kickstarter. Make it happen by supporting it and helping it to reach its goal of $20,000 before the 28th of January.

YouTube: PREP, the Smoke-Proof Pet Carrier (Pet Rescue Evacuation Pack)

Photo credit: Bruce Victor Allali

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