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Need a Smarter Padlock Solution? IoT, Wireless Tech and Apps Ahead!

The best way to get around nowadays is definitely via a bike. It helps you reach any location without a problem and many cities have dedicated bike courses that make reaching new places a breeze. However, protecting your bike can be a true challenge which is why a team of smart individuals have created Noke.

What is Noke?

Simply put, the Noke device is a smart lock that wants to eliminate all the hassle that comes from carrying keys with you, keys that you might lose at some point. It also removes the need for combination, instead it makes the entire experience simpler, more precise and with a higher quality set of results that you will definitely be able to enjoy at all times.

They have multiple solutions, which range from the normal Noke padlock to the u-lock and enterprise lock. Each one of them varies in features and shape, but it does bring in front some nice possibilities. One of the things you will like about Noke is that not only does it feature a lot of interesting tech, it’s also great looking and that does bring in front some amazing possibilities. Plus, it’s really easy to use and I found that using this lock can actually help you have a peace of mind regardless of where you go.

Connectivity and control

The construction is sturdy and the experience is way better than expected, you can rest assured that the results are getting better and better as you go along. Then there’s also the fact that this device is fully connected with your phone all the time. This means that you can actually receive information about its location and other important stud from your phone.


This is also how you unlock Noke, otherwise it will stay locked. The overall connectivity is good and I found the device to work seamlessly in just about any situation. It does catch the eye of bike enthusiasts while on the road but that’s a good thing, considering how much value you get from this tool and how nice it actually looks.

It actually allows you to manage multiple locks via the app so you can get more Nokes and just add them anywhere you want. I do recommend this for bikes but it can be used for gates and chain locks as well which is neat.

You can share or revoke the locked items depending on the situation, it all comes down to you. I really feel that Noke does manage to offer an immense value and the great results it can provide here are nothing short of astonishing to be honest. That’s why I feel that having a connected lock like Noke can be an amazing idea, so I do recommend everyone to check it out, you can get yours at their website right now!

YouTube: Noke Padlock

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