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neuroLeet: Helping Gamers Improve with Mental Training

The gaming world is becoming more and more competitive. Companies are regularly coming up with some innovative tech pieces and wearables that make gaming experiences more realistic. For example, we have the Tactigon SKIN, a wearable gesture and motion controller equipped with AI.

But what would happen if gamers use a wearable that can train their minds and help them improve their mental performance when playing games? neuroLeet is here to answer that.

Improving mental skills while gaming

If you think about computer games and esports more deeply, you’ll realize that they require a lot of thinking. Of course, precise eye and hand coordination are key in playing most of these games, but the main action needs strategic thinking to win it all.

For that reason, mental skills like the ability to focus and manage stress well are necessary for competitive gaming. One company took this idea and developed a new product that would help all gamers improve their mental performance. The result was neuroLeet.


neuroLeet is a personalized mental training tool intended for gamers and was created with the help of a team of neuroscientists, engineers, and e-athletes at Mindrove Ltd. The company’s CEO, Dr. Gergely Márton, explained that esports, artificial intelligence, and neurotechnology had made impressive developments in the past few years. When combined, this can potentially can open up new horizons.

Become a better and fitter gamer

Just like we have different wearables and fitness trackers that track our physical state like our heart rate, neuroLeet tracks our mental stages. You’ll need to use neuroLeet for only 10 to 20 minutes per day to notice improvements in your mental health and fitness.


The neuroLeet system is composed of two main parts. First, its headset accessory allows you to transform any headset into a brain training wearable. Second, the software is powered by AI to give you feedback on your brain activity and provide you with advice on how to improve your mental performance.

János Csipor, the co-founder of Mindrove Ltd., said that the company’s purpose is to make every gamer’s brain healthier and provide programs for gamers and esports managers to develop strategies and avoid intense gameplay. He also shared that currently, the neuroLeet received positive feedback from gamers and esports clubs.

Apart from that, Márton stressed out that the technology used in the product is functioning tech that has already been used for training in the real world, but it’s a novelty in gaming applications. With that, they will see how neuroLeet performs in real-life situations although they’re expecting that it will become a huge hit, especially among competitive gamers. Currently, you can get your hands on neuroLeet through Indiegogo, starting at €184.

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