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Do Your Squats in a Gamified Way with Flap Fit

Back in June 2020, Apple introduced the latest version of its operating system known as iOS. The iOS 14 version was released on September 16 and is considered as one of the biggest iOS updates so far. This update introduced plenty of new features to the Apple devices, including changes to the design of the home screen, Siri improvements, and many other upgrades regarding the iOS interface. However, one interesting feature is the new iOS fitness app, called Flap Fit.

You probably remember the popular mobile game Flappy Bird, which was so simple and addictive. People got obsessed with Flappy Bird and spent hours tapping the screen and making the bird jump. Well, Apple went a bit more creative and let YUR, a San Francisco startup, to create an interesting game based on Flappy Bird. Namely, YUR developed Flap Fit, the latest title for iOS devices, a simple game that looks very similar to Flappy Bird. But, Flap Fit has a healthy element – instead of tapping on the screen with your finger to control the character, you have to do squats.

Gamified fitness keeps you going

Flap Fit uses an advanced technology that allows it to detect body movements. To play this game, you have to put your Apple device on a surface and stand in front of the device, so that it can capture your whole body. Then, you have to control the character and prevent them from hitting obstacles by doing physical movements, including squats. Flap Fit is a very simple and entertaining game through which you’ll exercise and play at the same time.

Flap Fit iOS Fitness AR Squatting App Screenshots

Through Flap Fit, Apple wants to motivate users to build healthy habits while having fun. Every time you squat, you will see your character moving according to your gestures, which will motivate you to continue and prevent it from hitting obstacles. The game is available to download for iPhones as well as iPads on the App Store and it requires iOS 14 to function.

But, let’s not forget about YUR, the company that made this fun game come true. YUR is a startup located in San Francisco, California. Their purpose is to create products that are a combination of fitness and gaming, and their main product is a fitness tracker for VR.

We must admit that YUR did a great job with Flap Fit and users started sending positive feedback about this game. One user said that Flap Fit is an excellent game to play during breaks on a workday to promote blood flow and clear brain fog. Moreover, users are very happy with the technology of tracking body movements that Flap Fit has.

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