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Virtuleap Introduces Enhance to Train Your Cognition With Games Through VR

The big thinker in our heads is a very complicated organ that needs some exercise regularly. However, it is a challenge to give the brain an exercise to help it grow and develop its cognitive functionality. You can never be too sure if the way you exercise your mind is enhancing your cognition or diminishing it. The complex circuitry of neurons and impulses can go out of whack if you’re not careful enough. 

While the brain is a powerful organ, it is also delicate. Have you ever lost your ability to function appropriately in situations of danger, when you’re fearful or depressed? The mind may completely shut down in a bad case because it can’t deal with unusual stimuli. You can’t be a hero if you can’t think straight when you need it the most.

The solution to this issue has been made simple by a startup company, Virtuleap. This startup has transformed practical brain training into a virtual recreational experience through their expertise with the app called Enhance. It’s a win-win situation.

Brain training application

Virtuleap has introduced Enhance as a brain training application that aims to make you a better version of yourself. It provides you with enjoyable, daily cognitive workouts. The fun part is that they’re all games. The app challenges your cognitive ability with a set of short, intense games designed to train your brain and body. Indeed, a very wholesome package.

You can use Enhance for a daily workout of your cognitive function in a fantastic VR platform. However, having some company while doing this work out is never a bad thing. The app is also available for your entire organization. It may be a group of friendly rivals, a neuroscience testing facility, or your physical fitness club. Different tools and data packages help you analyze the progress your group makes during the cognitive brain training. 

VR brain games are very beneficial to those suffering from cognitive dysfunctions, substance use disorders, co-occurring traumatic brain injury, or general weaknesses. Clinical research psychologists have tested Enhance as a neuroscience-based brain training app. Without a doubt, improving cognitive recovery among veterans is a fantastic feat for a startup as fresh as Virtuleap. We see the true potential in the application and would be looking forward to its steady progress. 

YouTube: Enhance VR BRain Training Full Release

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