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Tactigon SKIN: The Wearable Gesture Mouse with AI

Next Industries, a startup specializing in IoT and wearable devices with Artificial Intelligence (AI), recently presented a new version of their product called Tactigon SKIN. This device is marketed as an innovative wearable gesture and motion controller equipped with AI.

Tactigon SKIN 2.0 acts as a wearable mouse that allows you to control computers, games, robots, apps, printers, drones, and more devices just by using your voice or gesturing in the air. The product was first introduced in 2018, and this current version is a new release to the market.

New natural interaction with machines

The first Tactigon SKIN was introduced as a gesture receiver for different devices, such as drones, computers, robotics, and more. Even with its first version, several companies showed interest in supporting the project. As such, Next Industries understood what was important to be done to have the final product.

The company’s CEO Massimiliano Bellino shared that the company came up with the idea of developing Tactigon SKIN in hopes to have a simple, tiny, and fashionable device that can be used both for business and leisure. Now, the company presents the current version of the Tactigon SKIN which is a thinner and lighter design than its predecessor.

Tactigon SKIN

The device, made to be worn on the hand, has a patented design and an additional voice control feature to the AI algorithm. The Tactigon SKIN is powered with AI which improves user experience with computers and many other devices. It looks so simple and elegant, but it also has the power to control a variety of devices, from laptops to video game controllers, and even robotics and drones.

This revolutionary mouse has a lot of features that make it usable for different applications. With AI, the device can recognize gestures and movements so that it can continuously learn how to act properly. What’s more, the Tactigon SKIN can recognize complex gestures thanks to the combination of its software and the user’s hands.

Apart from that, it can also measure linear and angular motions in real-time and pressure readings, all of which provide precise movement accuracy. Users can download different applications for Tactigon SKIN so it can be used for different means such as gaming, augmented reality, 3D, and more.

Tactigon SKIN

The device has Bluetooth connectivity which you can connect to different devices, including smartphones and laptops. Tactigon SKIN can be used up to 8 hours consecutively. This is thanks to the 155 mA rechargeable battery that is placed in it.

Tactigon SKIN is bringing a new era of wearable devices. It reinvents how we use a mouse by making it a small extension of the hand which is a revolutionary concept of human-machine interface. If you want to get your hands on this, you may choose to subscribe and stay updated on when the company will launch the product on Indiegogo.

YouTube: Tactigon Skin Show Case

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