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Invite Goats to Your Virtual Meetings

It’s been nearly a year since the pandemic hit most of the world, and many are starting to grow tired and weary of the piling up of video call after video call. If it hasn’t driven people positively insane yet, most are definitely feeling the fatigue of it all. Whether it’s the internet going out, awkward accidental muting and unmuting, or even accidentally showing up with a cat filter on, virtual meetings can be a real pain. For those who need something fresh to liven up these dull, digital gatherings, Cronkshaw Fold Farm is allowing customers to book a goat as a guest star for the next meeting.

Nestled in Lancashire, U.K., this farm came up with a clever way to liven up people’s day. According to Cronkshaw Fold Farm, “you can choose one of our goats to join you for 5 minutes of your video meeting.” The goats are reportedly quite savvy in various forms of virtual communication, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, and several others.


A goat for every occasion

Cronkshaw Fold Farm allows customers to choose one of seven goats to make sure they are selecting the most appropriate goat for any given situation for a small price of £5. There’s Lulu, with floppy ears and “the fuzziest belly fluff,” who also has a hidden dark side, as “legend has it Lulu’s blood-curdling bleat scared Taylor Swift out of her own music video.” Then there’s Ozymandias: Kid of Kids. According to Cronkshaw, he’s a “king of kidology and a sultan of self-affirmations.” A vain little guy, he loves his own reflection and wears sunglasses at night.

For those who want a peaceful and relaxed goat, there’s Lisa, who seems like the very definition of chill, “napping wherever the heck she fancies.” For the lovers of regal goats, there’s Elizabeth, “the epitome of decorum and grace with a sense of moral duty.” There’s Lola, a show goat known for dazzling smiles and tap dancing hooves. Margaret is an honorable specimen, “feared by some (and) respected by all,” according to Cronkshaw Fold Farm. Finally, there’s sweet, polite, and courteous Sebastian who “would love nothing more than to join you for an intellectual conversation.”

Goat with a note

Now, if that doesn’t get your goat, Cronkshaw Fold Farm can also provide customers a “goat with a note.” Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like. Unlike the goat simply guesting during a call, this special service is for “when you have important news that requires more pizazz than a simple zoom call.”

Cronkshaw Fold Farm

For £10, Cronkshaw Fold Farm lets people book a goat to show up to a virtual meeting with an edible note to relay important information. “Once the Goat has arrived in your video call, they will let it be known they have some exciting news to share on your behalf. Once everyone is paying attention, the Goat will present your special note for your comrades to read. After everyone has had (a) chance to read your news, the goat will then gobble up the note!”

The purpose behind the trend

While having a goat join a virtual meeting seems fun and entertaining, it also has a purpose. According to Cronkshaw Fold Farm, “all profits from the Goat zoom call madness will be going towards paying for the purchase and installation of renewable technologies at the farm.” The goal here is to be able to produce enough sustainable energy to sell the excess back to the grid. They added that “the more people with the ability to do this who install cleantech, the more financially viable it becomes for everyone.”

Cronkshaw Fold Farm

Cronkshaw Fold Farm hopes to continue providing laughs and fond goat memories to virtual learners and workers around the world while also working toward more reliable energy solutions. While this whole concept is rather strange and out-of-the-ordinary, Cronkshaw Farm helps their fans to “just goat with the flow.”

Photo credit: The images are owned by Cronkshaw Fold Farm and have been provided for press usage.

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