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Meeting Meter: The “Taximeter” for Your Next Call

Did you ever want to find out how much money is spent on meetings? There is an interesting free online tool that is simply called Meeting Meter, and it counts the cents and dollars as your conference takes place.

Most certainly this is nothing you should put up on the conference table to make everybody feel bad about every word they have to say, but it’s certainly an interesting tool to have a look at. Certainly, it’s only a vague result that you’re getting here, but at least for me, the cents were just running past a lot faster than I anticipated originally.

Here’s how it works

You can just navigate to the Meeting Meter page and let the site load. This should work on any laptop, stationary PC, as well as tablet or smartphone, as long as it can load webpages with simple scripts. This tool works as well for normal meetings as well as video conferences.

Meeting Meter Tool Calculator Screenshot

  1. You first enter how many people are attending the meeting.
  2. Then you put a value in on what the hourly rate average would be.
  3. Click the “Begin Meeting” button and watch the money run past.

There is no fixed currency included here, so you can just enter any currency that is applicable in your region, and you’ll still be able to see the results accordingly. The average hourly rate is, of course, varying depending on the industry, seniority, and even location. Still, I found that 100 USD per hour is often a good average if you have no better value to go by.

Alternatives to calculating meeting costs

If you prefer the software to be installed on your workstation, you can also download the Meeting Cost Meter from Nestingen on the Microsoft app store. If you’re not looking for a meeting cost “taximeter” but for a meeting cost calculator, you can also have a look at this tool by Harvard Business Review.


To save cost, you have to improve the quality of your meetings, not necessarily cut the time of the meetings, but both can help to have a productive day. This is only a tool for insight and should not be used as a timekeeper in the name of the almighty dollar.

Photo credit: The feature image has been taken by Opyh. The screenshot is owned by Meeting Meter.

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