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Have Virtual Meetings for Better Collaboration with Cisco Spark VR [Video]

Collaboration solutions for people who are in the same room are slowly reaching a point of saturation on the market. On the other hand, the demand to integrate remote workers into the same collaboration experience still has a lot potential. To be different from competition such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, Cisco Spark is now experimenting with VR features.

What do you need to run Cisco Spark VR? You’ll require a Cisco Spark and Oculus account, an Oculus Rift unit with Controllers, and an Oculus-ready PC, and connect all that to the Internet. You can then take your remote workers and collaboration experience to a new level where the immersion is almost perfect. The Cisco Spark VR solution has a great chance to achieve what telepresence solutions have not managed to achieve. As of now, it looks a bit like Second Life, the game, but there is a lot of potential here. What do you think?

YouTube: Cisco Spark in VR Basics

YouTube: Our “Cisco Spark VR” announced at Enterprise Connect 2017

Photo credit: Jens Meggers (Cisco)

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