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Virtually: All-in-One Program for Conducting Online Classes

The pandemic made one thing clear to the world: online education is the way forward when all physical learning methods fail you. Even when physical education is possible, online learning still provides a hassle-free learning experience if done right.

However, even after months of staying and studying at home, we can’t seem to devise effective methods for online education. Even online meetings are often a fuss filled with technical difficulties and downright disarray. Then again, this all depends on your internet service provider, the kind of plan you have, and even the kind of hardware you’re using. Virtually aims to make online schooling an effective, valuable way to teach.

A single software for all your online educational needs

These days, people frequently use tools such as Zoom for multiple reasons, which include teaching or conducting training online. However, it can get pretty frustrating for both instructors and participants when different applications are being utilized. Due to that, experiencing hiccups during online calls is a normal occurrence because simultaneous software activity takes up the internet bandwidth. However, Virtually helps you minimize having to use different programs by providing the same functions you need all in one platform.

With Virtually, you can send emails, set the schedule for events, set reminders, and keep a strict check on specific groups of participants. It also allows one to pre-plan lectures and provide resources like files, links, and attachments to students without a hitch in the tracks. You can monitor and control the online activities of the attendees in your online school. Furthermore, it also gives you statistical information regarding the productivity of your online classes, promoting growth and development. 

That’s not all though as Virtually can store payment information so you don’t have to go back and forth with monetary matters. With this, you can give and receive payments through this versatile software. It’s like having an accounts manager on your personal computer. Of course, all of this customizable, letting you choose which facilities you’ll need the most. 

Virtually makes it easier to collaborate on educational ventures whether you’re a teacher or a student. You can host your own online learning course with incredible efficiency and have real-time results. The platform is a neat solution to the haphazard mess of online learning we make otherwise, which comes with a plan starting at $50 a month.

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Zarish Suhail
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