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Cosmo Vision: Smart Glasses for Safe Journeys

For people who are living in cities where traffic is a daily occurrence, investing in a bike or a scooter becomes a no-brainer. However, while these vehicles do have a better chance of not getting stuck in traffic the way that cars do, oftentimes people get into unfortunate accidents, especially when they try to navigate where to go with their phone while on the road.

These distractions can potentially become disastrous. That’s why French start-up Cosmo Connected has recently unveiled their latest product revolutionary equipment that renders intelligible information for an amazing ride. Made by co-founder and manager, Romain Afflelou, Cosmo Vision is eyewear with a display that helps you navigate easier. While driving with your bicycle, motorbike, or scooter, you will not have to take your eyes off the road, look down on your phone, and try to see where you are going.

Navigating safely

With Cosmo Vision, you can look straight ahead to your pathway, while knowing where your destination is.  It eliminates all the risk of tapping on your smartphone while having a long journey. These glasses can also help you to enjoy being at the moment when you want a safe and exhilarating ride.

The most interesting aspect of the smartglasses, as Afflelou pointed out, is that they do not use Waze or Google Maps. They have created their own GPS application dedicated to Cosmo Vision. This showcases the authenticity and originality of the developers, giving an independent innovation to the technology.

Cosmo Vision
Image: Cosmo Connected

For it to work, you’ll have to install the accompanying mobile app first. After that, you need to put on the glasses and connect them to the for it installed on your smartphone via Bluetooth. From there, you can turn the glasses on and put your phone back into your pocket since you do not have to use it during your ride. All you have to do is focus on the road while seeing Cosmo Vision’s features. You’ll be able to check out the data displayed on your screen and determine your GPS, journey time, and average speed.


While they look like just another pair of glasses that’s pretty stylish in itself, Cosmo Vision has a lot of features to offer. The icons for each are placed on the side of the screen so that it does not disrupt your vision. This also helps to keep your eyes on the road.

Here are the following features:

  • ActiveLook® Technology: Thanks to its non-obtrusive See-Through Technology, you can see your data being displayed on your right lens without blocking your field of vision.
  • Gesture sensor: You can scroll through the screens to present the data you need. There is a sensor right above the left lens where it detects simple movements of your hands. From there, you can navigate the glasses.
  • Performance tracking: This feature enables the user to see the status of time, speed, and distance of your travel.
  • Ultra-light: The eyewear only weighs 40 grams and has a rechargeable battery that can last for 12 hours.
  • Smart lenses: With the combination of photochromic lenses and the light sensor, the smart glasses can maintain an optimal display and flawless readability. It will also help you see at night. You can ride safely with its comprehensiveness.
  • Waterproof: In case you are going through a rainy day, Cosmo Vision will work just fine. These are also dust resistant so there is no worry at all.
Cosmo Vision
Image: Cosmo Connected

Aside from the tech aspect of these smart glasses, Cosmo Vision also has a pretty good structure that will fit both men and women. Given the adjustable nose pads and temples, these smart glasses can also adapt to any situation. The space between the lens and frame also manages the airflow to prevent fogging. Finally, thanks to the photochromic lens, it can automatically adjust to ambient light so you can use it during the summer or winter season.

Having a pair of smart glasses that can help you keep your eyes away from your phone and concentrate on the road will add to a much smoother, safer ride for you. While Cosmo Vision is not yet out on the market, it is available for pre-order and is expected to be released in early December. If you’re someone who normally bikes or uses a scooter and you want to give yourself an early Christmas present, this will cost you €489.

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Photo credit: The images are owned by Cosmo Connected and have been provided for press usage.
Source: Press release provided  by Cosmo Connected

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